Poll Result: Yes, No – Why Not

According to our recent poll, most readers did not race karts on the weekend of 3/4 August, and there were a lot of excuses – I mean, reasons – why.

Firstly, about 20% of respondents were not racing that weekend because they (a) were not a driver, or (b) there was no race meeting that weekend.

But by far the most common single factor factor (20.8%) was cost, people saying they simply could not afford to race.


Many other reasons were included in the poll, results of which can be found below.

Participants were able to add their own reason and work commitments was a common issue. Interestingly, because of work, some want Sunday only racing, while others want to race Saturday.

Some of the additional specified ‘other’ reasons made for entertaining reading. Here’s a small selection:


  • Broken arm
  • I run vintage which are not allowed to race
  • Recreational karter only, no intent to race
  • Can’t race KA cos KA banned me
  • Too many people cheating and getting away with it, walked away from the sport
  • J-MAX not offered at KA level (I think this person meant club level?? – KSN)
  • Not driving due to medical issues, but I did mechanic
  • I never renewed my racing licence after KA changed everything, expired in 2014
  • Too many hoops to jump through to get graded license
  • My trailer broke an axle
  • Change of tyres at club level, not interested in running a third dry tyre in NSW
  • We race Pulsars now
  • KA / KNSW split has made it too complicated to bother
  • My class was not offered
  • Spent the day keeping the meeting going! (Thanks, and well done to you! – KSN)
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No – I could not afford it20.8%
No – there was no scheduled race meet in my area12.2%
Yes, I raced! Congrats to me! 馃檪11.1%
No – Other reason (specify below)7.9%
No – I’m not currently a driver/racer7.8%
No – I had family commitments to honour5.5%
No – I had other interests outside of karting that were more important5.3%
No – there is personal conflict with other club members/officials
that make it too difficult for me
No – it’s too formal, too many rules4.4%
No – but i did practice / test3.1%
No – the event was too competitive for my level1.9%
No – it’s too informal, rules are not enforced1.9%
No – I’ve already raced so much this year, I just needed a break1.7%
No – the event was not competitive enough for my level0.8%
No – the weather was not suitable0.6%
No – my local meeting got cancelled0.0%