Huge City of Melbourne Titles

by Mitchell McLellan, MMS Commentary

The 35th City of Melbourne Titles was ran and won last weekend. Under mixed conditions the event enjoyed the biggest number of entrants for a single meeting this season. There was to be some cracking racing and come-from-behind victories.

The 30-strong KA3 Junior field gets a start (pic – Pace Images)

Lots of photos from the event are on Pace Images’ Facebook:

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  • full results on speedhive HERE

Cadet 12

Australian Champion Harry Arnett, after striking trouble in the heats, had to start position 19 for the final. Around half race distance Arnett had made his way into the top five battle chasing down race leaders Kristian Janev, Jesse Lacey, Angus Hall and Toby Dvorak. Arnett hit the front with three laps to go and after many lead swaps managed to hang on for a stellar victory over Lacey and Hall.

1 Harry Arnett
2 Jesse Lacey
3 Angus Hall

Jesse Lacey leads Kristian Janev, Miley Miller and eventual winner Harry Arnett (pic – Pace Images)

KA3 Senior Medium

Matthew Waters was another driver to come from behind, starting outside to the top ten. By half race distance Waters was up to second but a further four seconds up the road was race leader Mitchell Mackay. Waters chased down the race leader and made a move on the final lap to take victory by the smallest of margins over Mackay and former Supercar driver Michael Patrizi.

1 Matthew Waters
2 Mitchell Mackay
3 Michael Patrizi

It was this close! Matthew Waters pips Mitchell Mackay to the finish line (pic – Pace Images)

KA4 Junior Heavy

Current NSW Champion in the class, Joshua D’Ambrosio, had a titanic battle with current VIC state champion Toby Waghorn. With the lead changing many times, the NSW champ was able to get the lead back into the double right on the final lap to take victory over Waghorn and Braden Clark.

1 Josh d’Ambrosio
2 Toby Waghorn
3 Braden Clark

Joshua d’Ambrosio (95) and Toby Waghorn hit the line, KA4 Junior Heavy final (pic – Pace Images)

KA3 Junior

Nicholas Sacco had a horror weekend up until the final. He had to fight through the top ten to make his way into contention. Sacco battled for the lead with early race leader Hugo Simpson and Bailey Collins. Sacco, the KA3 Junior state champion, was able to take out VIC Open / City of Melbourne double in a storming drive over Collins and Simpson.

1 Nicholas Sacco
2 Bailey Collins
3 Hugo Simpson

KA3 Junior, Nicholas Sacco leads Hugo Simpson and Bailey Collins (pic – Pace Images)


Bradley Jenner in the feature X30 class started off the outside of the front row alongside pole sitter and weekend pace setter Leigh Nicholaou. However, Jenner didn’t get the start he was after and went back as low as fourth before fighting his way back to the lead, making a race winning move on Nicholaou to take out another City of Melbourne Title. Kiwi Ryan Wood come home in third.

1 Brad Jenner
2 Leigh Nicolaou
3 Ryan Wood


Brad Jenner (49) and Leigh Nicolaou battle for the X30 win(pic – Pace Images)

TaG Heavy

Paul Rodgers had his work cut out for him all weekend battling local and former state champions Jason and Rick Pringle. Jason Pringle led the majority of the final until Rodgers, with two laps to go, took the lead and never looked back. Pringle was able to come through in second with former State Cup winner Troy Alger finishing third.

1 Paul Rodgers
2 Jason Pringle
3 Troy Alger

1st in TaG 125 Heavy, Rotax-powered Paul Rodgers (pic – Pace Images)

Vic Combined Light

Andrew Sotiropoulos became a first time CoM winner in Vic Combined (TaG Restricted) Light. After starting off pole due to his heat finishes, he never looked back taking one of the most dominant wins of the weekend. The podium was filled out with Logan Dockett, who ran top five all weekend, from current State Cup champion Alex Grutteria.

1 Andrew Sotiropoulos
2 Logan Dockett
3 Alexander Grutteria

Andrew Sotiropoulos won Vic Combined Light with a restricted X30 (pic – Pace Images)

Vic Combined Medium

In the Medium category, current state champion Glenn Riddell had a much tougher affair with a five kart battle at the front with himself, Phil Smith, Heath Jelbart, Jackson Rice and Brett Jenkins all looking a chance to take the victory. Smith and Jelbart came together with two laps to go allowing Riddell to take another City of Melbourne title over Rice and Jenkins in third.

1 Glenn Riddell
2 Jackson Rice
3 Brett Jenkin

Vic Combined Medium head for turn 1, Phil Smith leading with Blair van Ree on the outside and eventual winner Glenn Riddell challenging on the inside (pic – Pace Images)

KA3 Senior Light

Former World #1 (in Rotax) Cody Gillis took out KA3 Senior Light in one of the most hard fought victories of the weekend. He had challenges from interstate drivers Benito Montalbano, Oscar Priest and local driver Emerson Harvey. In a tight battle to the line, Gillis was able to hold on in a thrilling finishing over Montalbano and Priest in third.

1 Cody Gillis
2 Benito Mntalbano
3 Oscar Priest

KA3 Senior Light freight-train kept the crowd on its toes. Cody Gillis holds out Benito Montalbano, Oscar Priest and Emerson Harvey (pic – Pace Images)

TaG 125 Light

Another first time CoM winner, Matthew Bennica had a race weekend battle with Jordan Sanderson and Jordan Nichoulau. Sanderson challenged early in the final but Bennica was able to hold the early pressure and take victory over Sanderson and Nichoulau.

1 Matthew Beninca
2 Jordan Sanderson
3 Jordan Nicolaou

Matthew Beninca, 1st TaG Light (pic – Pace Images)

Cadet 9

State champion Jensen Marold in the young Cadet 9 class had a race weekend battle with state champions Ky Burke and James Anagnostiadis. In a titanic battle, Marold was able to hold on over Anagnostiadis and Maxim Kirwan rounding out your top three.

1 Jensen Marold
2 James Anagnostiadis
3 Maxim Kirwan

Jensen Marold (pic – Pace Images)

KA4 Junior Light

Hugh Barter, the state champion in KA4 Junior Light, had a race long battle with KA4 Australian Championship leader Kobi Williams with PCR’s Cody Maynes-Rutty in contention in the back end of the race. Barter, after having a tough battle on the final lap, was able to hold on to victory over Williams and Maynes-Rutty rounding out the podium.

1 Hugh Barter
2 Kobi Williams
3 Cody Maynes-Rutty

Hugh Barter leads Kobi Williams and Cody Maynes-Rutty to the chequeres in Junior Light (pic – Pace Images)
Remo gets meat-balled for a dragging rear bumper in the third heat of KA3 Medium (pic – Pace Images)
Those little Kiwis play hard! Maxim Kirwan with major air inside Jensen Marold as James Anagnostiadis leads, Cadet 9. All three survived and filled the podium (pic – Pace Images)
Troy Alger backs it into a closing gap under Scott King, TaG 125 Heavy (pic – Pace Images)
After a slow start to the event (he told KartSportNews on Saturday he still felt all ‘tight’ in the kart due to lack of seat time), Michael Patrizi bagged 3rd place in KA3 Medium aboard Ricciardo Kart. (pic – Pace Images)
“That one’s for you, Pop.” Brad Jenner dedicated his X30 win to his Pop who passed away on the Friday of the event. (pic – Pace Images)
Mid-pack mess, KA3 Junior (pic – Pace Images)

Lots more photos from the event on Pace Images’ Facebook:


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NSW’s Cody Gillis and Arrow take out KA3 Senior Light (pic – Pace Images)