Red Flags & Kangaroos

The Combined Districts Kart Club has been experiencing a bit of a problem at the Lithgow circuit.

“Last meeting we had a bunch of Kangaroos enter the race track area during a race late in the afternoon” the club posted on its website.


“We are conscious of the risk this could cause to drivers on the track as Kangaroos get unpredictable as the noise of a kart approaches.”

The club has the following plan to lessen the risk of an incident that might cause harm:


  • After 3.30pm, two volunteers or officials will be posted on the earth mounds along the bottom straight
  • If a Kangaroo enters the racing area, the race will be RED flagged (our light system shows a red light at all 4 flag points)
  • If RED lights are displayed drivers are to cease racing, reduce speed greatly (10% of race pace suggested max).
  • If the RED lights are displayed for Wildlife on the track, drivers are to STOP (as if the track were blocked) and not proceed back to the pits.