Vale John Mason

Victorian Superkart Club Life Member John Mason has passed away.

The 79-year-old had been a well-respected scrutineer at CAMS events for over 40 years. The VSKC extended its condolences to John’s wife, Annette, and family.

RIP John Mason


CAMS is saddened to learn of the recent passing of John Mason.

Born in 1940, John had a passion for motor sport from a very young age until his passing, becoming a well-respected scrutineer at events around Victoria where he spent more than 40 years plying his trade.

Before the Victorian entered the world of scrutineering, he competed in motor sport behind the wheel of a trial car in the Austin Seven Club’s popular mud racing, before spending time as a mechanic for a Roland Tidd and Bruce Wilson in multiple Australian Safaris.

A wealth of knowledge and a love for cars then inspired John to work as a CAMS official – his first position being with the Victorian Rally Scrutineering Group.


A few years spent with the group gave John the skills and confidence to scrutineer on a bigger scale and soon enough, he was part the state’s scrutineering panel.

John had thoroughly impressed those around him in his new role and not long after making the switch, he was promoted to chairman – a role he held for around seven years.

As time went on, John continued to excel as a scrutineer, earning gold level status, as well as being a garage scrutineer for teams, including Ferrari, at multiple Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix, a role he only gave up three years ago.

John may have started his scrutineering career in rallying, but his knowledge covered a range of disciplines to which he knew the inside and outs of many facets of the sports.

Outside of rally, John also was a log book inspector, where he went to many rallies and race meetings, while also having a big part in Superkarts.

Throughout his life he always enjoyed getting in the rally cars, a highlight being co-driver to David Robinson in the 2003 Alpine Rally as the pair enjoyed some success there.

John is survived by his wife Annette as well as children Steve and Matt.

The funeral will be held at 733 Boronia Rd Wantirna, Thursday 18 July at 1pm.