Lismore Round 4

by Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

What a great days racing at the fabulous Lismore Kart Club on June 30. Dense fog greeted us on arrival but the track was soon revealed in all its glory.

50+ karters took to the track to slug it out for honours in round 4 of the club’s championship. The noise even has a new podium there for better visibility!

Starting all the races next to me in the middle and getting photos of all the racers are Christopher Williams on the flags & Ben Griffin from Shaqs Speedway Photography:

Moving onto the racing then and some fabulous racing there was too:

TaG Restricted Light

Some great racing with these boys and girls all day. Bruce Goodwin grabbed a good 5th place, he witnessed the intense battle ahead between two sisters, the first of those sisters Michelle Attard had to settle for fourth because sister Simone Bigrove proved too strong securing the first of the podium spots by just over a second. They were both no match however for the drivers fighting for the win and Mark Frost tried every trick in the book to get the win, but second place is where he finished because the #43 of Cameron McPherson just got it by 0.2 of a second, an excellent days racing all round!

Junior Light

Another great race in the final and after a long battle Slade Orsmond beat Bejay Flannery into 5th place. Ahead of them was a battle between two brothers that was continue for an entire final. Swapping positions lap after lap it was anyone’s guess who would win, but it was Milo Baff who had to settle for 4th in the end as brother Ronny Baff just got him by less than a second! The third driver in the thick of that battle was Braith Santin and he would secure second place by 0.5 of a second, the eventual winner in the final Jakob Scott did by 2 seconds and a well deserved win it was too.


Senior J Heavy & Light

Another great race and Team Nommensen were in attendance again at their home track, once again scrapping it out and giving no quarter. Eventually Curt Nommensen had to settle for 5th some 10 seconds adrift, 3rd & 4th however was a much tighter affair with Dmitri Nommensen just beating Dean Nommensen into third place by 0.3 of a second. Yet another family battle for one-two and again saw Michelle Attard beaten in to second by sister Simone Bisgrove who took the win by 3 seconds.

Junior Performance Heavy

The new comer Callum Gluyas came home 4th in this one with Jack “the mac” McNamara eventually securing 3rd. Second was the #44 of Aleksey Krylov, but it was a clean sweep and an excellent win to a driver new to the class for Jack “Big Bang” Buchback!

Rookie & Novice

In this class the little people had a cracker of a day! Joni Preston secured himself 5th place and the Mobil sponsored #37 of Ethan Kieth managed a comfortable 4th. Onto the podium positions and yet another family battle with Rhys Suffolk getting 3rd after being beaten over the line by just 3 tenths of a second by brother “Kyser” Kye Suffolk, but beating them all by a clear second was the flyer Jake Santin!

The Red Rocket of Elwyn Garrard was unveiled as a surprise for him on the day!

TaG Restricted Heavy (the pie eaters)

A great drive from Nigel Everest got him a 5th place some way behind 4th place finisher Ben Ellis. Ahead of Ben in 3rd place was Paul Flannery, the main battle however was up front ahead of him. In the thick of the action was Caleb Mustow-veal but he stopped 8 laps into the race leaving Tye Ruddy & Elwynn Garrard “the red rocket” to fight it out for the win. Eventually the red rocket got it by 0.9 of a second!

A great days racing at a Karting NSW venue, full of fun! That’s how the finals went. Once points were tallied up there were some small changes and below are the podium place winners.