Extra Cadet 12 for City of Melbourne Titles

The Cadet 12 class will be allowed to run an over-subscribed format at the 35th edition of the City of Melbourne Titles.

This means up to 72 Cadet 12s will be able to contest the event, but only 36 get to race the Final.

At the time of publication, the category has already broken the Todd Rd circuit’s grid capacity and has entries from almost every state in the country, plus New Zealand!

All other classes will be capped at the track capacity of 36 starters.


The circuit will be open on Thursday August 1st for pit setup. Competition commences first thing on the Saturday morning.

The Supp Regs include entry information, control fuel location, list of tyre compounds to be used by the various classes, plus the pit allocation request form.

  • Download the Supp Regs HERE

Pace Images’ Ben Roehlen will be attending what he says is “my favourite event of the year”. Visit Pace Images Facebook to make arrangements for your photos.

Class List:

  • Cadet 12
  • Cadet 9
  • KA4 Junior Light
  • KA4 Junior Heavy
  • KA3 Junior 
  • KA3 Senior Light
  • KA3 Senior Medium
  • TaG 125 Light
  • TaG 125 Heavy
  • X30 Light
  • Victorian Combined Light, Medium, Heavy & Masters
Race start, 2018 City of Melbourne Titles (pic – Pace Images)