Warwick SQ Series, Round 1

by Kev ‘The Noise’ Davies

Ninety-eight competitors braved the -1 degree night temps, and whilst the sun sets after round one of the SQ Series at Warwick… time to reflect!

  • It was a weekend that almost worked for the Cleveland Steamer, but he will be back faster next time!
  • A victory for Tommy The Assassin Cooper In TaG Light!
  • A victory for Chad Hole Shot Sampson in KA3 Senior!
  • A clean sweep for our favourite Japanese Samurai Jumpei Morita in the TaG Heavy!
  • Liam Moyse untouchable in TaG Restricted Light!
  • Shane Castles being given the race of his life by the returning from retirement Shane Scotney!
  • Jackson Bermingham just beating WELZIE & Rudy in the pie eaters!
  • Harvey Price on fire in the KA4 Juniors all day!
  • Beau Bromhead getting his first win for some time in Cadet 12 & little Jake Santin showing the Cadet 9s how it’s done!
(pic – The Noise)

These were just some of the highlights on what was a WOW day of racing at the Sandy Creek Raceway.

A huge thanks to Tania Laycock for looking after me. A massive thanks to Russell Cooper & Belinda Cooper for my temper gift pack – you guys spoil me! Thanks as always to all officials, volunteers, helpers, canteen staff & techies for making the day possible.

TaG Restricted Masters (pic – The Noise)

Thanks to everyone who thanked me for being bloody noisy!! (It’s what I do) Sorry I killed the mic with one race to go, which is hilarious on the video! Thanks to Peter Lane the president for having me again, and lastly, thanks to all the competitors – you guys make it fun and exciting for me sometimes without realising… and other times like Mitch Campbell 8.55 secs knowing it lol.

Cheers ya all.
The Noise

A rare moment of quiet reflection for The Noise

Results (overall points for the day saw the following podium)

KA3 Senior Light
1st: Chad Sampson
2nd: Lachlan Nichols
3rd: Nathan Hadlow

TaG 125 Light
1st: Thomas Cooper
2nd: Daniel Plant
3rd: Nic Lane


TaG 125 Heavy
1st: Jumpei Morita
2nd: Wagner Cardoso
3rd: Andrew Morgan

KA3 Junior
1st: Ryan Laycock
2nd: Braith Alford
3rd: Will Marshall

KA3 Junior (pic – The Noise)

KA4 Junior Light
1st: Harvey Pryce
2nd: Sam Seccombe
3rd: Braith Santin

Cadet 9
1st: Jake Santin
2nd: Jaxson Burns
3rd: Basilio Micale

TaG 125 Restricted Masters
1st: Shane Castles
2nd: Tony Jones
3rd: Shane Scotney

TaG 125 Restricted Light
1st: Liam Moyse
2nd: Robert Mortensen
3rd: Brianna Mackenzie

Cadet 12 (pic – The Noise)

Cadet 12
1st: Beau Bromhead
2nd: Ryan MacMillan
3rd: Alex Gardner

TaG 125 Restricted Medium
1st: Jackson Bermingham
2nd: Rudy Farkas
3rd: Brett Wells


TaG Restricted Light (pic – The Noise)
TaG 125 Light (pic – The Noise)
TaG 125 Heavy (pic – The Noise)
KA4 Junior (pic – The Noise)
KA3 Senior (pic – The Noise)
TaG Restricted Medium (pic – The Noise)
Cadet 9 (pic – The Noise)
(pic – The Noise)