Push-back Bumpers Dumped for NSW Championship

Push-back bumpers will not be required at the Karting Australia NSW Kart Championship at Eastern Creek on July 5 to 7.

Organisers posted on social media that they’ve “decided not to have drop down nose cones so the regular club Karter can enter the 2019 NSW Kart Championship without further cost.”

The association then clarified that “doesn’t mean it’s a free for all though as there will be enough officials stationed around the track to keep an eye on contact during racing. Remember, a fair race is also an enjoyable race for all concerned.”

The Championship is decided over a single-event. Entries close June 28, or earlier if a class reaches grid capacity.


While it’s promoted as a three-day event, Friday practice is not compulsory.

The final practices on Friday will determine grid allocation for Saturday morning’s qualifying session. Those who can’t make Friday will start qualifying at the back of the group.

Works that are being conducted by Eastern Creek Karts and Sydney Indoor Motox to the outer track areas are expected to be complete well before the Championship.