Kart Racing Girls 2019: Cadence Florentinus

compiled by Dave Camwell, Karting SA

Name: Cadence Florentinus
Club: Whyalla Kart Club Inc.
Class: Junior

Whyalla Kart Club’s Cadence Florentinus

Q1. How long in Karting, a bit of History:

Commenced racing in March 2014 in Cadets. Gained her B Grade endorsement. Progressed through Cadet 9, Cadet 12 KA4 Junior Light and now KA3 Junior.

Q2. What do you love about Karting?

The speed and thrill of racing. Friendship with other competitors and club members.

Q3. Favourite track:

Only practiced and raced at Whyalla, so Whyalla is favourite track.

Q4. Most rewarding meeting:

They are all rewarding meetings. Always learning and trying to improve.


Q5. Favourite Driver:

Jarvis and Lucinda Jones, also Luke Clee.

Q6. Favourite food:

Hotdogs and salad

Q7. Favourite drink:

Pasito and water.

Q8. Favourite TV show:

The Simpsons.

Q9. Favourite music:

Rap and older music.

Q10. Favourite animal: