Newcastle’s April Race Day

by Tom Childs

On Sunday 28th April, Newcastle Kart Racing Club hosted the 2nd round of the club championship which saw competitors from around NSW make the day a big success.

The racing was great as it was a computer grid format with final only. There was some close racing as the computer grid format makes for a lot of passing as it mixes the field up, and there were a lot of new faces at the track for their first time racing at Newcastle.

Luke Ferguson (33) and Logan Eveleigh (97) bring the Cadets to the line for a start (pic – Quickpixels)


Cadet 12
1st Marshall Atayan
2nd Logan Eveleigh
3rd Brock Barber

KA3 Senior Light
1st Riccardo D’Este
2nd Daniel Austin
3rd Matthew Hill

Junior Lights crest the hill, Coda Hamwi (18) and Cooper Griffiths (22) (pic – Quickpixels)

TaG Rest Medium
1st Mach Ford
2nd Sam Taylor
3rd Hayden Jackson


Tag Rest Heavy
1st Scott Dalton-Kirby
2nd Todd Ford

KA4 Junior Light
1st Jordan Shalala
2nd Alexander Stephan
3rd Gabriel Van Jour

Jordan Shalala won KA4 Junior Light (pic – Quickpixels)

KA4 Junior Heavy
1st Rohan Gresham
2nd Daniel Vella

KA3 Junior
1st Harrison Mitchell
2nd Tyron Wiseman
3rd Deklan Webb

Tag Rest Light
1st Benjamin Ford
2nd Nathan Taylor
3rd Seth Wilson

Ben Ford won TaG Restricted Light (pic – Quickpixels)

Our next race meeting is on at Newcastle Kart Racing Club 26th May for round 3 of the club championship.