Whyalla Kicks Off 2019

by Danny Jones

Whyalla’s first Club day for 2019 had a great atmosphere with a good mix of experienced and newer drivers to the sport.

The first 2 heats had some close racing and once the sun had gone down and the lights lit up the track, the racing became even more intense. Even though the racing was close, it was also very clean everyone given enough racing room.

Aaleeyah Rohrlach had her first race meet in Cadet 9 and went very well with her reducing her lap times by 2 seconds over the race meet. Lucinda Jones and Dominic Mercuria had some good battles at the front. Combining with the Cadet 9’s was the Cadet 12’s with Ky Hubner taking the win and at only his second time out in the higher class saw Jarvis Jones improving his lap times.

The Cadet 9 podium at Whyalla

KA3 Junior and KA4 Junior light combined for some good racing, with Brayden Stewart taking the win over Cadence Florentinus in KA3 and KA4 had Rhys Bartlett finish in front of Liam McCourt.

All the senior classes also combined, these included KA3 Senior light, TaG 125 Restricted Light and TaG Light Championship Weight. Ashlyn Clift showed some good speed in KA3, Neil Schmidt won the Tag Light and Luke Clee took out the Tag Light Championship weight.

Whyalla Kart Cub are looking forward to the next meeting on the 1st of June, see you there.



Cadet 9

  1. Lucinda Jones
  2. Dominic Mercuria
  3. Aaleeyah Rohrlach

Cadet 12

  1. Ky Hubner
  2. Jarvis Jones

KA3 Junior

  1. Braydon Stewart
  2. Cadence Florentinus

KA4 Junior

  1. Rhys Bartlett
  2. Liam McCourt

KA3 Senior Light

  1. Ashlyn Clift

Tag Res Light

  1. Neil Schmidt
  2. Dylan Hewson
  3. Corey Clift
  4. Brian Sampson
  5. Michael Drechsler

Tag Light Championship weight


  1. Luke Clee
  2. Scott Harper
  3. Daniel Jones