Karting Introduces Its Own Currency!

A new initiative for Australian karting was launched this morning: KA-Coin.

Karters will earn KA-Coin at kart shops, then be able to spend it at their club.

“It’s a new way of earning currency that can be used to pay for your racing” a representative told KartSportNews.

KA-Coins are earned through the consumption of karting product. The more engines, tyres, chains and sprockets a karter buys, the more KA-Coin they earn.

They can then use this KA-Coin to pay for race meeting entries, race licence, club fees etc.

KA-Coin is a virtual currency; there will be no physical coins minted.

KA-Coin can only be earned by shopping at participating kart shops (both physical and online) that are officially licensed by the governing body.


Karters simply swipe their licence (or key in the licence number for online) and the KA-Coin will be added to their balance.

When karters spend the KA-Coin at the clubs, the clubs can then use the currency to pay for training courses for officials, update timing systems and other items offered by the governing body.

We’re told the capability of KA-Coin was built into the existing licence system some time ago, however it was only activated today.

Talk to your local kart shop to see whether they have registered to become a place where you can earn KA-Coin!

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