Whyalla Kicks Off the Festival State Cup

from Dave Camwell

Whyalla Festival State Cup Round 1 has been run and won.

  • full results on speedhive HERE

Firstly, congratulations to the Club in holding this event. Without the hard work from the committee and its members the event could never happen and I am sure that all attending appreciated the work that went into the preparation and running of the meeting.

Restricted Light, 12- Ryan Morgan, 97- James Boden

As always thankyou to the volunteers, the officials and canteen staff. Without their time and effort, again we could not run such a great event which is part of the 5 round series and the only Country round.

With 80 drivers contesting, and most of them practicing the day before, the track appeared to rubber up beautifully and with 7 hrs of practice, I think everyone had their fair share of track time.

P-Plater Junior driver Koby Gore gives the thumbs up.

Come Sunday’s qualifying the pace on was, however the track seemed to drop off 3-4 tenths of a second from when it was a brand new surface 18 month ago.

There were some fantastic times logged never the less, but no track records broken that we are aware of.

The meeting also attracted 8 “P” Plate drivers and well done to them for taking on such a great series and we look forward to them improving their skills and ditching the “P” plates during the year. Good luck guys and girls.

KA4 Junior Light, Christian Cowie leads Michael Tarbotton and the rest of the pack

Round 2 will be held at the Southern Kart Club at the Bolivar circuit on 27th April 2019.

We are sure there will be a bigger turn out of drivers for round 2, and future rounds as the word spreads, the series will become what it used to be a few years back.


Banner on the out grid is Whyalla City Council who sponsored 4.5K towards the meeting

Series point results (all point count)

1st- Mitchell Burgemeister
2nd- Dominic Mercuri
3rd- Lucinda Jones
4th- Tyler Clarke
5th Massimo Calabro

TaG Heavy
1st Paul Pittam
2nd- Blake Mooney
3rd- Ben Edwards

Jarvis and Lucinda Jones with their little sister

KA3 Senior Light
1st- Nikki Watson
2nd- Callum Fry
3rd- Ryan Morgan

Cadet 12
1st- Anthony Capobianco
2nd- Darcy Heyne
3rd- Ben Holliday
4th- Rock Han
5th- Annalise Ellis

Cadet 12, 49- Anthony Capobianco (pole) and 60 Darcy Heyne

TaG 125 Restricted Light
1st- Ryan Morgan
2nd- James Boden
3rd- Simon Major
4th- Neil Schmidt
5th Dylan Hewson

KA4 Junior Light
1st- Christian Cowie
2nd- Michael Tarbotton
3rd- Jai Hillock

KA3 Senior Light, fight for 3rd between 19- Callum Fry, 62- Amber Miller, 31- Cooper Jones and 91- Josh Denton

TaG Light
1st- Nicholas Holmes-Karavas
2nd- Joshua Denton
3rd- Ben Floyd

TaG 125 Restricted Medium
1st- Daniel Boorman
2nd John Ellis
3rd- Brian Sampson

Cadet 12s on the out grid

4SS Senior Medium
1st- Thomas Fritz
2nd- Daniel Bowden
3rd- Samuel Miettunen

The winners of the free tyre draws are:

  • Cadets– Anthony Capobianco
  • Juniors– Liam McCourt
  • Seniors– Daniel Albuino
KA4 Junior Light Tyre winner, Liam McCourt

Thank you to all our Sponsors, we cannot thrive without your generosity.

Happy Karting!
Whyalla Kart Club


Part of the pit area
Jarvis Jones and little sister
Outgrid, part of pit area
KA4 Junior Light, 15- Christian Cowie (Pole), 75- Michael Tarbotton