Newcastle Shakes Down for AKC

from Tom Childs, NKRC

Sunday 3rd of March saw Newcastle Kart Racing Club hold a Shakedown meeting for the 2nd round of the Australian Kart Championship.

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Competitors from around the country attended, trying to get in valuable practice, with some of them practicing from Thursday.

Cooper Stapleton leads Cadet 9 (pic by Gavin)

It was really great to see the pit area buzzing with karts and people.

Once Sunday was here it was time to put what had been learnt for the last three days of practice up against the local racers, with great racing across all classes.

It was a nice sunny day to be racing and the track looked great.

The next race meeting at Newcastle Kart Racing Club is round two of the Australian Kart Championships on 29th to 31st of March.

KA4 Junior winner Jordan Shalala heads Harrison Mitchell and Marcus Pisani


KA4 Junior
1st Jordan Shalala
2nd Cody Maynes-Rutty
3rd Marcus Pisani


Tag 125
1st Tyler Howard
2nd Zachary Heard
3rd Toby Webb

1st Jackson Souslin-Harlo
2nd Jacob Dowson
3rd Zak Lobko

TaG Restricted, Chloe Wright ahead of Wayne Rogers and Jake Zdravkovski (pic by Gavin)

Open Performance
1st Ben Edwards

1st Reuben Goodall
2nd William Seal
3rd Rhys Smith

Cadet 9
1st Jensen Marold
2nd Ky Burke
3rd Cooper Stapleton

Cadet 12
1st Alex Ninovic
2nd Kristian Janev
3rd Jesse Lacey

Big field of Cadet 12, Alex Ninovic (12) and Kristian Janev (8) off the front row (pic – Flotography)

KA3 Senior
1st Matthew Waters
2nd Oscar Priest
3rd Joshua Buchan

Tag 125 Restricted Light
1st Anthony Nevins
2nd Brian Tabbernal
3rd Chloe Wright

Tag 125 Restricted Medium
1st Sam Taylor
2nd Harley Kremmer
3rd Christopher Quinlan


KA3 Senior winner Matthew Waters (13) leads Thomas Davies, Oscar Priest, Joshua Buchan and Kurtis Read (pic – Flotography)