Night Meet at Picton

from Neville Scullion

How good was that? Night racing at Picton, what a blast.

Check out the Facebook page and the photo of a couple of the kids with their karts adorned with colored lights for night racing. What a spectacle, looked fabulous.

Novice class driver Ethan Campbell looks radioactive!

Numbers were slightly down on anticipated, however the possibility of rain probably scared a few off.

The facility was in great shape, plenty of grass in the paddock, neatly manicured, was picturesque.

An abundance of officials really helped make the meeting flow fluently, and special thanks to those officials and volunteers that attended to help out, it is much appreciated.

Also thanks to Karen from State office who attended to give any assistance needed with all the new systems. Your help too was greatly appreciated.

The new tyres seemed to work well on the Picton track with all classes, and all the competitors had a great race meeting, with some close and fantastic racing in all classes.

Travis Campbell, Rookies

Two abreast going down towards Willow Tree corner in TAG 125 was breathtaking to watch. The prowess of the drivers involved was sheer mastery at its artistic best.

It as great to see so many new faces, going at it hammer and tongs with good clean racing.

The young Novice and Rookies drivers showed some exceptional skills during the final, with the field spread out the leaders coming up on some of the slower competitors showed great sportsman ship and ability in making clean passes. The vision of some karts carrying neon lights enhanced that spectacle.

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of night racing, then it is all on again on the 23 March. Entries are now open, so get them in. Get your mates together and encounter one the great things karting offers.


See you at the next Night Meet.

Results of the Finals:

Junior Light
1 Daniel Frougas
2 Eddie Beswick
3 Dominic Magliarachi

Junior Performance
1 Shannon Mortlock

1 James Freeburn
2 Kaleb Belak
3 Luca Guidone

1 Bradley Freeburn
2 Ethan Campbell

Senior Heavy
1 Anthony Borg
2 Mitchell Fredericks
3 Svend Petersen

4SS Senior Light
1 Cameron Chew
2 Ethan Broughton

TaG 125 Light
1 Mitchell Scullion
2 Christian Jory
3 Lachlan Toole

Senior Performance Light
1 William Callinan
2 Zakia-Reginald Verley
3 Jade Bell

Senior Performance Heavy
1 Jason Kitchen

TaG R Light
1 Michael Vitlic
2 Michael Schiller
2 Damien Selakovic

TaG R Heavy
1 Shane Tate
2 Daniel Delfino