Driver PR: Griffin’s AKC Round

PR by MMS Commentating

Young Energy Course Australia backed driver Tristan Griffin took on the opening round of the Australian Kart Championship in Ipswich last weekend.

Griffin, only a 12 year old junior, after running top three all weekend, finishing second in the final and setting the fastest lap in most races at the recent AKC shakedown meeting all signs were pointing to a strong result in his Mick Gallan MG Engines powered entry.

Tristan Griffin (pic – Tristan Griffin Racing)

Qualifying got of to a strong start in a big field of karters Tristan was able to put himself well inside the top ten in position seven for the opening heats of the season. heat 1 come around and trouble struck the young charger after being involved in an incident at the second corner was out of the race and had a DNF result.

In heat 2 Griffins weekend went from bad to worst after being involved in another incident on the back straight resulting in another DNF finish putting him right to the back of the order in position 32 with plenty of work to do. With Griffin and his head mechanic Adam Bailey from BB Racing Australia the two worked on the kart and with a never give up attitude worked on a plan to get the young charger back up the order.


Heat three come around and Griffin got exactly the start he was looking for jumping up nine positions in the opening lap and setting himself on a charge to make his way up the field. Griffin fought hard throughout the race to continue to make up postion and track time making his way just outside the the top ten in position 13 a massive 19 positions further up from where he started from.

In heat 4 the charged continue this race being out of position 29 with a similar aim to heat three in making up as many spots as possible. Young Griffin got another clean start and again was able to make his way through the field with ease and passing karts comfortably on his charge towards the front of the field. Griffin after a stellar driver with his Energy Corse MG engines powered entry made his way into the top ten in position ten making up another massive 19 positions in heat 4.

In the final Tristan and BB Racing Adam Bailey making their final tweaks to the kart for the final charge started out of position 19. Griffin again making up spots at ease made his way just outside the top ten when making a move for position 11 a minor incident cost the young driver time and he come home is position 12 a mega fightback from his issues in the opening two heats.

Overall Tristans father was extremely happy with the fight back. “Overall a great comeback from what was a disastrous start to the weekend. Super proud of our team and Energy Course, Mick Gallan from MG engines and Adam Bailey from BB racing having the kart in a great window all weekend”.

Griffins next venture in the championship will be the next round of the championship at the Newcastle Kart Club.


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