Junior Superkarts Re-Launch

Last run as a series/championship in 2014, the Dunlop Junior Max Superkart Championship will be back for 2019.

“We are seeking 5-10+ entrants that look forward to trying out our long track racing as opposed to the normal sprint format most come from.

This series was very successful from 2010-2014 and was supported by Les May from Dunlop Kartsport. It gives young drivers a chance to race on the larger fast car circuits without needing to upgrade their gear.

It introduced a number of new competitors to our sport and helped develop “class act” drivers like Tim Clarke (now 250cc Superkart and multiple Superkart Australian Champion), Jamie MacDonald (now 250 Superkart),
James Allen (now LeMan LMP), Jake Klein (now Toyota 86) and Brad Jenner (multiple Sprint kart Champion).

This year’s championship will follow the same path as previous years with a FOUR round series that is controlled so we can see the drivers shine.

Tyres will be a control Dunlop tyre, entrants will be restricted to three sprockets & jets that will be set by the event organisers. Tyres will be kept in locked bags by the club between rounds and all data and help will be provided by Superkart members to all entrants equally.

The Championship will begin at round one (Saturday 6th April) at the Phillip Island GP circuit, which could be seen as a baptism of fire for some, but certainly exciting for all.

Round TWO & THREE (Sat 18th May & Sat 13th July) will be at the Broadford road circuit which will certainly make the really good drivers stand out as its fast and flowing design commands commitment from the very first lap.


The final round (Sat 7th Sept) will be back at Phillip Island where close racing and smart driving could clinch the championship for the skilled driver.

Final prizes will be announced shortly.

Entry to this championship will include your CAMS junior licence and Victorian Superkart club membership which entitles you to run all of the Victorian Superkart Clubs rounds throughout 2019.

If you get your entry in early there are two club rounds before the championship starts for those that want extra practice. There is also a National event in August known as the “2019 National Festival of Superkarts” where we will be presenting a Junior with a National Championship if we have the numbers.

These events are outside the Junior championship and would be entered the same way as a normal Superkart competitor – the club will help.

If you know of someone who is 12-16 and would like to try something different, get in contact with us as soon as you can.”

  • Contact Rod Clarke: rod@twoworldsracing.com.au or 0408 358 357.

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