Interview: Enzo Trulli

CRG press

Following his father’s footsteps, 12 years old Enzo Trulli, son of Jarno, that has been a great protagonist of F1 in the ‘90s and 2000s, started a training path in karting, as already happened to several sons of excellent drivers.

Obviously, the experience of his father is behind Enzo’s choices. Jarno follows his son actively as second mechanic since the National races in Italy, where Enzo moved his first steps in karting. He chose CRG Racing team for the son in 2018 for his first complete International season, entrusting the Italian outfit.

Enzo and Jarno Trulli (CRG Press)

Enzo draws his balance of 2018 with these words:

“This has been a great season, considering my little experience in karting: this was my 4th year in karting, and I did not expect to be so successful on the International scene. I had to learn how to approach European and World Championship races, that are quite different from what I was used to.

“I grew a lot since the beginning of the season, thanks also to the help of CRG Racing Team’s staff that taught me a lot.”


What are the best and most difficult moments of your season?

“The best moments have been the victory of the Margutti Trophy and the first win in DKM, that came on my birthday: I made myself a pretty cool gift. The toughest moment was maybe the World Championship in Kristianstad because, despite being very fast, some technical issues and some bad luck did not allow us to get the results we deserved.”

Enzo Trulli, winner in the DKM in Lonato (LRN Photo)

Can you tell us something about your relationship with CRG?

“I found a serene environment here and the staff of the Racing Team helped me to build a good feeling without too much pressure. I managed to work well on technical aspects and driving. Staff is very professional and technically well prepared. They have a great experience. The potential of the chassis is very high and we did a great team work.” How did you start with karting? “That was almost by chance: one day my dad brought me to the track on rental karts with my brother Marco and another friend: that moment was meant to be just for fun, but since then I could not do without. I had to face a lot of difficulties to practice this sport competitively though.”

Talking about difficulties, what advice would you give to someone wishing to start practicing karting?

“This sport, especially at the beginning, must be a way to spend some quality time with dad or mum and have fun, trying to push self limits further and improve constantly. It is a great school. The most important thing in karting is to learn and results come as a consequence.”

What are your goals for 2019?

“I cannot wait to make the most of the experience built this year and to get a better feeling with the team: the target is to fight for the win in all the races.”

Enzo Trulli started competing on karts in 2014 in Mini and in 2019 he will contest his second full season in CIK-FIA International races of OK Junior.