Interview: Pedro Hiltbrand

CRG press

The name of Pedro Hiltbrand, Spanish driver from Blanes (Girona) born in May 1996, is strictly connected to that of CRG in International Karting.

He has been competing among the fields of the Italian outfit for several seasons and won the OK World Title in 2016, the KZ2 International Super Cup and the OK European Championship.

Pedro Hiltbrand (pic – CRG)

Looking for new adventures, he made a different choice in 2017, but he came back home at CRG’s Racing team at the beginning of 2018, as he himself stated: “The feeling I got at the beginning of the year was exactly that of coming back home, a place were you are comfortable and capable of showing your best.

“Karting is everything to me and CRG is an important part of my life: it is like a family. Human relationships are important and I have always found the best mix of professionalism and human qualities here, starting from Giancarlo Tinini and technical managers of the Racing Team. On top of the technical side, compartment in which CRG is an absolute warranty, the working environment is definitely a plus.”


Can you draw a balance of your season?

“The balance is definitely positive despite some results being below expectations. Good luck was not on our side, but I had a great feeling with the material and team since day one and I think my performance has always been excellent. We got several podiums in OK and came 3rd at the European Championship; we have always been very strong in KZ.”

What are the best and most difficult moments of 2018?

“The best moment was my first race in Adria: being back at CRG Racing Team and scoring the pole position felt great. The toughest moment was certainly in Salbris at the first race of the KZ European Championship when the engine broke after 16 laps on top of the race.”

Can you tell us about your relationship with CRG?

“CRG’s staff and the Tinini family are like a second family to me and I am friends with a lot of people in the Racing Team. On the technical side, the number of International wins that CRG has scored is incredible, as the number of important drivers that have competed in this team. This is because the team has a great technical and organizational view: being part of this brand is a great honour for me.”

What advice can you give to a young driver getting close to karting?

“If the objective is competing in International races two are the most important things to bear in mind: choosing the right team and having the right motivation. It is fundamental to have the best material to keep up with the others at this level, but a professional staff supporting the young driver in his growth is just as important. Motivation is the other crucial element: you have to believe in yourself, never give up, because this is definitely not going to be an easy path. Focus and motivation are as important as talent and material. Last but not least, do not leave school behind for karting or any other sport.”

Pedro Hiltbrand will contest his 6th season with CRG in 2019. He aims to a strong season in KZ.