Newcastle Kicks Off Club Champs

from Tom Childs

It was time to go racing on Sunday the 3rd February and it was a nice sunny day which saw people from as far away as Sapphire Go Kart Club make the trip to Newcastle.

Racing was in the anti-clockwise direction using the random grid format.

There was some very close and clean racing on display for the first race of the Club Championship.

20 karts in KA3 Senior, Victoria Lopes (13) and Riccardo D’Este (15) on the front row (pic – Flotography)


Cadet 9
1st Christiaan Chateau
2nd Aydan Lowery
3rd Jackson Grace

Cadet 12
1st Kamal Mrad
2nd Logan Eveleigh
3rd Marshall Atayan

1st Kai Morgan
2nd Jordan Shalala
3rd Lawson Latham


1st Will Jamieson
2nd Winston Van Laarhoven
3rd Rohan Gresham

Cadet action, Lewis Cordato (70), Kaleb Balek (43), Rhylee Jackson (77) and Logan Eveleigh (97) (pic – Flotography)

KA3 Junior
1st Alex Mulholland
2nd Riley Collins
3rd Deklan Webb

Tag Rest/Med
1st Harley Kremmer
2nd Nolan Halliday
3rd Ron Hart

Tag Rest/H
1st Scott Dalton -Kirby
2nd Todd Ford
3rd Darren Charnock

KA3 Senior / L
1st Thomas Davies
2nd Ryan Hughes
3rd Black Motbey

Daniel Austin (19) won KA3 Senior Light, here ahead of Riley Humphrys (pic – Flotography)

KA3 Senior / M
1st Angus Mclean
2nd Dean Vinson

Tag Rest Light
1st Nathan Taylor
2nd Russell Mayo
3rd Rhys Clayton