Pro Tour Sunday

Results from the opening round of Rotax Pro Tour in Melbourne on Sunday (report & more photos to follow…).

Micro MAX
1 James Anagnostiadis
2 Jaxson Burns
3 Marco Manson
4 Samuel March
5 Tito Carey

This is as close as they got to James Anagnostiadis in the Micro MAX final, the #9 winning by over 11 seconds. (pic – Mark Wicks, KartSportNews)

Junior MAX
1 William Seal
2 Ethan Feather
3 Coby Govoni
4 Hugh Barter
5 Luke Pink

Junior MAX, William Seal leads Ethan Feather and Coby Govoni (pic – Mark Wicks, KartSportNews)

Mini MAX
1 Costa Toparis
2 Aiva Anagnostiadis
3 Kristian Janev
4 Kamal Mrad
5 Max Walton

Costa Toparis hikes it through the flip-flop on his way to winning Mini MAX (pic – Mark Wicks, KartSportNews)

1 Jonathon Marcusson
2 Cody Brewczynski
3 Jac Preston
4 Luke Wanless
5 Bond Roby


Jonathon Marcusson can not believe he’s just won DD2 (pic – Mark Wicks, KartSportNews)

Rotax Heavy
1 Benjamin McMellan
2 Lukas Janev
3 Benjamin Walter
4 Lane Moore
5 Zac van Leeuwestyn

Ben McMellan ended up the winner in Rotax Heavy (pic – Mark Wicks, KartSportNews)

DD2 Masters
1 Troy Woolston
2 Kris Walton
3 Troy Bretherton
4 Paul Rodgers
5 Scott Howard

Kris Walton chases Troy Woolston. The two swapped the lead many times during the final (pic – Mark Wicks, KartSportNews)

Rotax Light
1 Pierce Lehane
2 Brodie Whitmore
3 Liam Ford
4 Jaiden Pope
5 Rianna O’Meara-Hunt

Pierce Lehane scored an untroubled win in the Rotax Light final (pic – Mark Wicks, KartSportNews)