CIK-FIA Best of 2018: The Temple of Lonato

from CIK-FIA

A legendary track in northern Italy, this year Lonato’s South Garda Karting circuit made its big comeback to the FIA Karting Competition calendar after a long absence since the end of the 90s, a rightful return for the venue the most frequently visited by competitors, teams and factories in international karting.

South Garda Karting is a thriving family business whose members, Marco and Silvia Corberi, as well as their son Luca, fuel the passion and speak with one voice.

South Garda Karting, Lonato (pic – CIK/FIA)

What is the origin of South Garda Karting?

The track was created in 1988 by Angelo Corberi, whose son Marco took over the management of the site after he passed away. Dedicated to Competition, the Lonato circuit was quickly successful in both testing and racing. The track experienced exceptional attendance, partly due to the proximity of the main Italian kart manufacturers. For example, the CRG factory is located a few hundred metres from the track. Large foreign teams now have a base in Desenzano. Even though we have a leisure karting operation, the track is open for racing karts 363 days a year and our calendar has at least 16 race weekends.


How did South Garda Karting return to the CIK-FIA calendar?

It was obvious and a necessity, but we had to adapt the circuit to current standards. The World Formula A and Super A Championship held at Lonato in 1996 remained in our memories and we had to do everything we could to continue this beautiful story. We proceeded to an extension to the track from 1010 to 1200m in 2015 under Luca’s supervision.

We have also adapted the safety features in collaboration with the CIK-FIA, while developing the hospitality and service infrastructure, and expanding the paddock. It was a long project, but the result did not disappoint! The second Competition of the FIA Karting European Championship – KZ and KZ2, as well as the FIA Karting Academy Trophy was a great reward.

What are your upcoming projects?

Next year, the famous Winter Cup will be in its 24th year, we will again welcome several classics such as Trofeo Andrea Margutti (30th edition) or Trofeo delle Industrie (48th edition). It is a strong possibility that we will also host a big FIA Karting Competition, probably the KZ World Championship. At the same time, we continue to develop the site in other aspects, but without slackening our efforts. The future looks good and we will not get bored!