Timed Pitstops for 4-Stroke NSW

2019 sees the introduction of timed pitstops for our series … but why ?

Is it complicated ? – no.

Endurance racing is the only version of Karting where the pit lane is “active” and there is refuelling.

We’ve tried a lot of stuff before – the worst rule of all was the whole getting in and out of the seat during a stop – this is the dumbest idea your President Pickering ever had … Blame him for that era…

So we move to timed pitstops for the following reasons:

  • to increase the safety in pitlane
  • to give all teams adequate time to affix weight to the kart
  • to give race control the option to weight each team every time they enter pit lane
  • to ensure all racing happens on the circuit proper
  • to give teams no incentive to speed in pit lane
  • to bring us inline with TEKA – yes they do this and yes it works really well !

So basically what this means is that there’s no longer a weigh in board – we can weigh you as many times as we want – no more, “hey they’ve weighed us let’s go out light “ – nope, you’ll have no idea when we are going to weigh you and we don’t even have to weigh every team the same amount of times anymore because it’s all factored into your timed stop …

You digging this yet ??- if you’re not get a shovel coz you’re hard to please …

So pretty much here’s how we are working this:

  • The fuel board still remains – yep let’s control the fuel bay as we have ….
  1. Theres a minimum time at each venue for a
    Drive Thru Penalty for the naughty ones …
  2. There’s a minimum time at each venue for a Pitstop …
  3. There’s a minimum time at each venue
    for a Pitstop with a refuel …

There’s a massive board showing these times at each race meeting – you can’t miss it,


The supp regs will tell you how many stops you need to do and how many have to include fuel stops – yep like last year ..

So what happens if the weigh marshal points at you ?

You roll onto our state of the art drive on drive off weigh bridge and get weighed …

If not ? You sit at the end of pit lane a little longer …. simples ….

We are working with mylaps to give you live info on the timing screen so you can be on the radio counting down to your driver when they leave the pits … hey we will even have a cute little waiting bay for you to sit in …. number one enduro series for a reason right ..

What will all this mean ?????

  • Racing is done on track
  • The pit lane is safer than ever
  • Teams can affix weight to the kart in a safer manner and not be disadvantaged
  • regardless of age or fitness all teams will be able to complete stops in the SAME amount of time.. yep you old blokes can keep racing till your 97 and rolling land rovers …

Pit lane will be clearly marked out –
But if you go out under the minimum time penalties will apply … oh and it’s harsh coz u r bad bad bad …

And the radar ??? Yes we are still using it – Don’t exceed 15kmh or we will be giving you a Drive thru …

Ultimately why do this ? – you’re safety and insurance – we need to keep everyone pleased with how we run our meetings and this is a great solution.

A lot of work is going into this – Embrace it please , it’s for your safety and your benefit …