Geelong Track To Be Extended

The Geelong Kart Club’s circuit at Corio will be extended next year.

A new section of track on the east side of the facility will stretch the circuit from its current ‘official’ 758m to 1030m.

A sketch of the changes coming to the Geelong kart track

The club’s Dominic Albanese told KartSportNews that earthworks should commence in the second half of 2019.

“Everything being equal, we have a couple of towers to go up at either end of the main straight in the first half of 2019 (structures for advertising that targets traffic on the adjacent highway), then the work will start on the track extension” he said.

Instead of turning left into the tight ‘K-Rock Corner’ hairpin, karts will now turn right into a new loop that incorporates a 110m straight that should be long enough to produce an under-brakes passing opportunity. It also means the long right-hander prior to the final corner becomes even longer, arcing through almost 270 degrees.


The extension means the club can run multiple layouts as the by-passed hairpin will remain intact.

A full re-surface of the entire track will be done at the same time to ensure uniform aggregate with no joins during the entire lap.