KA NSW Reveal Fee Structure

Karting Australia (New South Wales) has published its fees structure for 2019. The new organisation has undercut the prices its predecessor charged, particularly when it comes to race permit and affiliation fees (see below). It will be interesting to see how viable this level of income will be for the new organisation.


KANSW press release


Low-cost administration delivers lower costs

  • KANSW pays the same KA fees as all other States but slashes State administration costs for Member Clubs and Karters
  • Member Clubs and Competitors continue to enjoy full national benefits, including National Insurance Program and remain licenced to compete nationally

Karting Australia New South Wales Inc. (KANSW) has revealed its full fees structure, immediately delivering upon its promise to reduce fees for NSW Clubs and drivers.

The Permit fee savings give Member Clubs a choice of passing the savings on to competitors or retaining a portion of the additional income and using those funds to improve club operations for the benefit of all Members.

Significant savings extend to competitor and track licences and Club affiliation, with lower costs aimed at increasing participation and encouraging Club membership.

Existing drivers will now save 12.5% on licence renewals, while new competitors will pay 14% less than what they had to in NSW previously.


KANSW Clubs will not be subject to the sliding scale affiliation State fee that they had been in the past, penalising those with higher membership numbers, and will instead now pay a flat $100 Affiliation fee.

Circuit licence fees at $200 per year are also 46% less than the previous State fee.

While costs are significantly lower, KANSW Member Clubs and Licence Holders will continue to enjoy the same quality services and benefits, including KA Insurance with a $50 million Public Liability cover, national sanctioning, and licences that are accepted at all KA-affiliated Clubs nationally.

KANSW has been able to offer lower costs due to having adopted a low-cost administration and overhead model for its setup – a framework based on those used by other State Associations.

It is important to note that KANSW will continue to pay the same Karting Australia fees as all other States and, indeed, the same fees as the previous NSW State Association.

All fees are inclusive of GST where applicable.