KNSW Authorises All Approved Tyres for Practice

KNSW press release

As a result of open collaborative discussion which took place at our Member Information Session held on 01 December 2018, KNSW confirms that practice for KNSW Clubs on ALL Approved Tyres (both KNSW and KA) will be permitted and covered by KNSW current insurances provided compliance with the attached 2018/19 KNSW Interim Practice Regulations.

Please note the 2018/19 KNSW Interim Practice Regulations below will be effective from 05 December 2018 until such time of the full release of the 2019 KNSW Rules and Regulations or as otherwise determined by KNSW.

Please note that KNSW Approved Tyres for the 2019 Racing Calendar are:-



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