KNSW: Maxxis & Dunlop for 2019

The Board of Karting (New South Wales) Inc is pleased to announce its tyre selections for the 2 Stroke Sprint Classes for the 2019 competition year.

Following a rigorous selection process by the independent Tyre Selection Sub-Committee, taking into account numerous factors to cover competition needs across all categories – arrangements have been made with relevant suppliers to provide these tyres on an initial 12 month contract basis.

KNSW will levy a royalty of $2.50 per tyre to plough back into the sport, both to cover immediate operational needs and development funds over time.


The MAXXIS ‘SPORT’ Slick tyre will be supplied by St George Kart Centre Pty Ltd and distributed through the kart shop network and will be the control tyre for our 2 Stroke Sprint Karting community for 12 months.

This competition spec tyre provides a good balance between performance, indicative cost and durability and is expected to provide excellent racing outcomes across the spectrum of classes. It is widely used in other countries with great success. Sizes are 10X4.50-5 and 11X7.10-5


The Dunlop KT12-SLW2 Wet tyre has been selected as the control wet tyre across all classes in the 2 stroke sprint kart category. It will be supplied by ALM Sales Pty Ltd again for an initial period of 12 months and distributed through the kart shop network. This tyre is a known quantity in the wet and provides cost effective performance in these conditions. Sizes are, 10X4.50-5 and 11X6.50-5



The Independent Tyre Selection Sub-Committee, Chaired by KNSW Welfare Director Craig Sargent, will begin work around April 2019 to evaluate tyre needs across all categories and classes to cover a three (3) year term, effective from the beginning of 2020. It is expected that this will also include an open and transparent tyre testing program, and again will be an open market expression of interest / tender process.


Speaking on behalf of all members of the Tyre Selection Sub-Committee, Director Craig Sargent said

“The tyre requirement for the 2 stroke sprint classes was one of the most important factors effecting club participation”. “We need a durable tyre is able to be used by all levels of karters and across the different types of track surfaces found across NSW”.

“The Tyre Selection Sub Committee spent many hours looking at all of the options, and we are very confident that the chosen tyres will be what our Karters are looking for, in both performance and affordability.”

The Board of KNSW would like to thank all parties who submitted Expressions of Interest in a very close-race of excellent options.

In particular, the whole Board also wishes to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of the volunteer members of the Sub-Committee in representing the needs of the grassroots karter with this outcome.

David Filipetto
Chairman – Karting (NSW) Inc