Update From Karting NSW

Karting NSW has published a ‘November Update’ informing its membership and the greater karting community of progress being made by the association for 2019.


Karting NSW Member Update
November 2018

Dear Members

I write to update you on our activities since the last SKC Information Meeting in October 2018 where we outlined our plan for the Sport of Karting in NSW for 2019 and beyond. Our focus as a Board remains the welfare of our grassroots membership and our Clubs here in NSW, and we have been working very hard behind the scenes to prepare ourselves and our Karting community for the proposed journey of independence that lies before us.

On Saturday 6th October, 2018 the Board laid out to the attending SKC representatives of the NSW Membership, the business plan that would prepare us for life following our proposed disaffiliation from the national body. We also established independent committees to look at the details of our operations, technical rules / regulations across all categories, officials / judiciary, the overall competition calendar, timing / management systems, tyres, track safety and inspection and a junior program.

I am pleased to tell you all that we will be ready for the beginning of the 2019 competition year, and that the outcomes from all of these committees has been nothing short of superb. The committees were comprised of people who had come from within our membership and have volunteered their time and expertise, and that they have come together in excellent spirit to carve out the detail needed to successfully stand up our independent organisation. We also ensured that each committee member provided a written conflict of interest declaration.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank them in a general sense, and can assure you that they will be more formally acknowledged into the near future. Their tenacity, hard work, dedication and quality of output are shining examples of what good looks like and the Board is proud and very appreciative of their efforts.


As a result, I can confirm the following:

 We will shortly announce the tyre selection for the 2 stroke categories.
 We will have draft technical rules for distribution and consultation in 2 stroke, 4 stroke, Vintage and Speedway, and these will be operational prior to commencement of the competition year.
 A draft manual for regulations, officials, and judiciary as well as general operations and policy is in its final stages of assembly.
 A draft competition calendar has been completed and will be distributed for feedback and comment shortly.
 An enhanced member management system replacing CMS has been commissioned and over the last few weeks, this system has been integrated with all our operational detail. This will manage licences and permits amongst other things.
 A timing system – hardware and software will be available for the commencement of the competition year.
 Track safety standards and inspection requirements have been reviewed and amended as required.
 Work on our website, brand and imaging is well progressed; and
 Our Junior Development Program is taking shape.

Earlier this week, we released an invitation to Industry representatives to participate in an information forum following our member meeting on the 1st December, 2018. Our desire is to establish a fair, constructive and transparent relationship with the broader karting industry and suppliers to meet the needs of our Karters in a cost effective manner. We understand the importance of bringing the Karting Industry along with us.

In previous correspondence we reported that our insurances are in place. Our work continues with other operational detail, policy and refining cash flows and business plans. We remain close to the workings of the Department of Sport. So overall, still much to do before the start of 2019, but we are in good shape.

In parallel, as requested by our Membership, we have been in contact with representatives of other State Executive Committees in regards the Motion of No Confidence in the Board of Directors of Karting Australia – or at least those that would talk to us. We spoke to executive committee members of Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. In short and for a variety of reasons cited – there appears to be little support for this motion, despite the growing fragmentation of the sport around the country. The Board will proceed to call the Meeting nonetheless.

As we have been contacted by a number of interstate clubs, we will also be considering interstate affiliate memberships or alliances with any other club or association from around Australia.

The Board and Executive of Karting NSW would like to give its members substantial confidence that we will be ready for 2019. We will outline the above in more detail at our scheduled Information Day on the 1st December, 2018. I encourage as many members as are available to come along and please register your intention to attend with our State Secretary so we know the numbers we will have. You are also invited to stay for the Industry Forum that follows.

All for now, see you on the 1st December, 2018 – yours in Karting

Dave Filipetto
Chairman Karting NSW