Frank’s Bar Opens at Whyalla Night Races

from Danny Jones

Great days racing at the Whyalla Kart Club, there was some good racing in all the classes. The Cadet 9s, with Jett Zerk, Lucinda Jones and Jarvis Jones put on a good show for all the spectators with some close competition and rubbing of wheels.

Cadet 9, Jarvis Jones leads Jett Zerk and Lucinda Jones

Cooper Jones and Ashlyn Clift in the KA3 combined with Tag Res Lights to make up the largest field of the day. Dylan Hewson had a good win in front of Luke Clee in the lights on his first time out with a new kart. Brayden Stewart and Cadence Florentinus had a good run in the Junior Lights.

Bring-A-Mate was also run on the weekend, with three drivers utilising the Club karts to head out on track. A great time was had by all. It was awesome to see fresh faces around the club.

KA3 / TaG R Light combined field

The club also recognised Life Member Frank Baker, whom sadly passed away. The Bar at Whyalla Kart Club, which he had a major part in constructing, will now be known as Frank’s Bar.

Whyalla Kart Cub are looking forward to the next meeting on the 1st of December, see you there.


Cheers to Frank Baker


Cadet 9

  1. Jet Zerk
  2. Lucinda Jones
  3. Jarvis Jones
Cameron, Cooper, Kira, Lucinda & Jarvis

KA4 Juniors

  1. Braydon Stewart
  2. Cadence Florentinus

KA3 Senior Light, Tag Res Lights combined

KA3 Senior Light

  1. Cooper Jones
  2. Ashlyn Clift

Tag Res Light

  1. Dylan Hewson
  2. Luke Clee
  3. Daniel Jones
  4. Corey Clift
  5. Bradley Skelton
  6. Christopher Page
Heart-shaped ballast on Ashlyn Clift’s kart
KA3/TaG R Light
Junior Light, Brayden Stewart (75) and Cadence Florentinus (82)
Ashlyn Clift, KA3