MyChron5 Exchange Program

Aim SportSystems Australia currently has an exchange program running for MyChron 5, allowing you to swap your current system with a refurbished unit that carries a further 12-month warranty.

“If you are having any issue with your MyChron5 / MyChron5 2T, or it has been damaged and is not serviceable, we now offer an exchange service to replace your damaged MyChron5 or MyChron5 2T” AiM offers.

“Once payment and your old MyChron5 unit are received at our Service Centre, we will ship to you the exchange refurbished MyChron5 unit with 12 months warranty.”

The cost is $245 and can be processed directly with AiM SportSystems Australia, or through your local kart shop/AiM distributor.


“This service option has been put in place to keep the repair cost down for you as a customer and ensures your continued reliability of your MyChron5 unit.

  • Go HERE for further information and the returns form that needs to be filled out.