Karting NSW To Recruit Non-NSW Clubs?

Having fielded inquiries from around Australia, Karting NSW is considering allowing non-NSW clubs to join, effectively becoming a quasi national body.

KNSW Chairman David Filipetto issued the statement below yesterday:

MEDIA RELEASE 30 October 2018

Since 23 September 2018, Karting (New South Wales) Inc has received numerous inquiries from karting clubs around Australia expressing dissatisfaction with its current governance arrangements and wishing to seek membership directly with Karting (New South Wales) Inc.

Karting (New South Wales) Inc is considering its position to allow other karting clubs around Australia to join as members of Karting (New South Wales) Inc,.


This could allow those clubs the benefit of:-

  • like-for-like public liability and personal injury insurance coverage;
  • competition rules which have greater flexibility and cost effectiveness (without compromising safety);
  • transparent and authentic leadership; and
  • a just and fair judicial process.

These elements all foster a grass roots sporting culture that is “by the karter and for the karter”.

If your club is interested in exploring what this may look like, please contact us at admin@kartingnsw.com.au or 02 4731 5000.

David Filipetto
Karting (New South Wales) Inc