2019 Flandria Competition Kart

Flandria Competition Kart has revealed its chassis lineup for 2019.

While the chassis are no longer made by Birel-ART, the Flandria brand will continue, but now run, developed and managed by Veloce Motorsport Management, which consists CEO Kristof Dehert and VMM’s CFO Gert-Jan Arijs.

The Belgian brand says it is on the path for 2020 CIK-FIA homologation for its GEN4 chassis (above, for OK/OKJ) and a brand new shifter kart (for KZ, S1 etc).


2019 Chassis:

  • GEN4 – the successor of the GEN2 which brought home victories around the world, such as the German Rotax Championship
  • Smiley5 – a Parolin-based chassis that takes over from Smiley3 (Dutch, South African, Belgian Champions… from Honda Cadet to Micro Max to 60cc) but with Kristof Dehert’s ideas for improvement