Date Change For K-NSW Next Step Meeting

Karting NSW has changed the date for its Information Forum meeting. Originally scheduled for October 13, it has now moved forward a week to Saturday October 6.

The organisation is also calling for submissions to fill positions on various committees, including Tyre Review, Rules and Officials.


from the karting nsw website

Dear Members,


On Monday 24th September, our State Returning Officer published the results of the Ballot for the motion put by the NSW SKC on the 1st September. The Board of Karting NSW appreciates the direction and mandate provided by our Members in this open and transparent expression of opinion. We recognise and applaud the leadership and courage shown by those Club Committees that engaged their members in an equally open way and allowed them to have a voice in the future of this Sport in NSW.

The KNSW Board will discuss these results, their implications and outline the way forward at an Information Forum to be held on the 6th October 2018. We apologise for the change of date again, and we first thought to steer clear of the Bathurst weekend. However, the 13th cuts across a few karting events and those Clubs have asked we move the date hence the switch back to the 6th October. We will start at 0830 and conclude by 1200 – so we’ll have you all back home for the ‘Top 10 Shoot Out’. 😊

Now the vote has concluded, there is a lot more detail we wish to provide our People. All Members are invited to attend, and we hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Decisions and outcomes must be implemented in a sequence, and we will collaborate with you all to define what this looks like at the Forum. This is quite complicated, and the Board must also follow due process, and for now – the first part in regards the vote for the motion has been achieved.


The Membership of Karting NSW has spoken and has clearly stated it wants to rebuild our great sport and return it to all its members. The KNSW Board and Executive have been working hard behind the scenes to get to this point, but it also respects and acknowledges the vast experience and passion contained deep within our grassroots. We want to include you in any decisions going forward and for you to help us define and build the framework for a strong and sustainable future.

In previous communications, we have said that we will look to stand up various committees to assist with the decisions and processes going forward. These important Committees will be chaired by some of our Senior Officials (who we will approach shortly) as well as our Welfare Directors. The Board will look to achieve a good spread of representation from all regions, and from all parts of the Sport of Karting in NSW. It will inform our relationship with Industry. This will be achieved through an expression of interest process that will be governed by the Board in a fair and open way. EOI’s are open to all members of NSW Clubs.

Please provide a concise one-page submission outlining your details, skills and experience, area of interest and the committee you wish to volunteer for. Please be mindful that committees will self-manage towards the outcomes needed but will most likely meet on evenings and weekends over the next month or two, so your personal commitment to time and availability is an important one to consider before volunteering.  Please send your completed EOI to no later than 5.00PM on TUESDAY 02 OCTOBER 2018.

Expressions of Interest are being sought in the following areas:

  • Tyre Review Committee – help provide a tyre strategy for 2019 across all categories and classes.
  • Technical & Class Rules Committees considering inclusion of equipment, homologation and parity requirements for each of the following:
    • All 2 stroke classes (junior & senior)
    • All 4 stroke & Endurance (junior & senior)
    • Vintage
    • Speedway
  • Officials Committee (Officiating / General Rules / Competition Rules / Tribunals / Training / Accreditation)
  • Timing System Committee – review options and recommend solutions for part or whole of sport as appropriate.
  • Committee for 2019 State Calendar, – Competition & Event Management and all support needs
  • Junior Development

The Terms of Reference will be articulated by the Chair of each Committee at the first meeting after consultation and guidance from the Board of Karting NSW.

The anticipated timing for the Draft Submission, detailing findings and recommendations from each Committee is the 10th November 2018.

This is an exciting time for the Sport and one which we shall define and decide on together.

Thank you, yours in Karting

Dave Filipetto
Karting (New South Wales) Inc.