New Timing & Event Management System for NSW?

In the lead up to its next meeting, Karting NSW has dangled a carrot to its members regarding a new timing and event management system that “ticks all our boxes” and will make them “the envy of the karting community”.

The KNSW board has shortlisted a system it intends to use (see below), though it has not revealed who the developer is, the brand or what the features are.


KNSW Press Release:

It’s all about the timing

Karting New South Wales recently held its AGM and with that came a motion to go it alone.

The management team has been working feverously behind the scenes putting the pieces into this complex puzzle, and this one is a game changer for our state.


The current archaic CMS system just doesn’t do it for the state of NSW moving forward. Many club secretaries quietly complain but do the best they can with the system they are forced to currently use. We have been listening and as part of our yearlong investigation the board decided to investigate alternative options for event management and timing solutions.

We scoured the world looking for appropriate packages for us to operate much better, faster and more cost effective,” stated Karting NSW Chairman Dave Filipetto. “Timing and event management software is high on the list of priorities and our clubs need assurances we have this covered off.”

Today we can announce, one piece that’s going to get your motor running.

The board has shortlisted the “One” that ticks all our boxes and will shortly enter into a format arrangement with the developer.

“The functions and features of this new system are going to make us the envy of the karting community” stated Filipetto.

Full training will be provided to clubs as a part of the package.

Karting in NSW is on the move.



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