Star Names For Preston Hire’s 4th TEKA Entry

Supercars team Preston Hire Racing will field an entry in round 5 of the TEKA Endurance Karting Championship at Newcastle on August 12.

The number 99 kart will be driven by V8 driver Lee Holdsworth, team owner Charlie Schwerkolt and hired gun/karter/Aussie Racing Car pilot Justin Ruggier.

L to R – Justin Ruggier, Charlie Schwerkolt and Lee Holdsworth

“I love karting!” said Holdsworth. “It is the purest form of motorsport. The best drivers will rise to the top and the competition is second to none.”

Schwerkolt was a member of the Oakleigh club in Victoria throughout the 1980s and early 90s. He mostly raced Clubman Light running a DAP kart, plus some Reed Light races.

Ruggier is no stranger to TEKA Endurance Karting, having been involved since 2007. He was runner-up in the 2014 TEKA Championship and Australian Champion in 2015.


“I’ve had many great battles with various talented drivers and look forward to teaming up with Lee and Charlie in a few weeks time” he said.

The trio’s #99 kart will be the fourth entry in the event from the Preston Hire Racing karting team, accompanying karts 18, 81 and 15 which regularly compete at each TEAK round.