Super One High Summer at Shenington

Tuto Super One Series, Round 6, Shenington

by Mary-Ann Horley 

Super One hit high summer at Shenington, Oxfordshire at the weekend with spectacular racing for the Cadet, TKM and X30 classes.

US-based Sebastian Wheldon, son of the late Indycar racer Dan Wheldon, was competing in one of a selection of races in the UK this summer and is rapidly improving in the IAME Cadet class.

Sebastien Wheldon (pic – Chris Walker/

The next round will be at Rissington on 25th-26th August for Honda Cadet and the TKM and Rotax classes, while the X30s will be out again at Glan-Y-Gors on 8th-9th September.

MSA British Cadet Kart Championship

Arvid Lindblad took pole in Timed Qualifying, 0.6s ahead of William MacIntyre and Sam Shaw a further hundredth back. However, MacIntyre was ahead after a heat win, with the other heat going to Shaw.

Lindblad won Final 1, taking over control of the lead pack from MacIntyre before halfway and taking the chequered flag two tenths ahead of MacIntyre, who had Maximus Hall on his bumper. In Final 2 Hall made the best start but Freddie Slater led most of the race before MacIntyre seized the lead on the last lap to win by less than a tenth.

Lindblad is four points ahead of MacIntyre in the Championship standings, with a 23-point gap to Maxwell Dodds.

William MacIntyre (pic – Chris Walker/


Final 1

  1. Arvid Lindblad (Synergy)
  2. William MacIntyre (Synergy) +0.22
  3. Maximus Hall (Synergy) +0.28
  4. Sam Shaw (Tonykart) +0.63
  5. Freddie Slater (Synergy) +3.85
  6. Archie Clark (Synergy) +3.93

Final 2

  1. William Macintyre (Synergy)
  2. Freddie Slater (Synergy) +0.07
  3. Maximus Hall (Synergy) +2.63
  4. Sam Shaw (Tonykart) +2.82
  5. Arvid Lindblad (Synergy) +2.9
  6. Brandon Carr (Synergy) +3.06
William MacIntyre (pic – Chris Walker/

ABkC Honda Cadet National Championship

Theo Micouris was on pole by 0.3s from Mitchell Gibbons but a win and a penalty in his heats dropped him down to 12th in the Intermediate Classification. Alfie Rigby moved up from 12th in Qualifying to pole in the Intermediate with a 1st and 2nd, while the other win went to Sebastian Bloch who was well down the grid also with a penalty in his other heat.

With the Final 1 grid featuring some favourites with ground to make up, Rigby led most of the race apart from a brief period early on with Daniel Guinchard in control. However, Guinchard dropped back and Kean Nakamura-Berta pushed Rigby all the way before losing some time when attacked on the last lap. Micouris made it up to 5th and Bloch 7th.

Alfie Rigby (pic – Chris Walker/

Rigby was again the winner in Final 2 after overcoming Nakamura-Berta who led mid-race, but lost out in the last-lap battle where Bloch had made it over the line in 2nd but was penalised a lap which gave the position to Guinchard with Edward Pearson 3rd.

Rigby is now 14 points ahead of Guinchard in the standings with two rounds to go.


Final 1

  1. Alfie Rigby (Synergy)
  2. Kean Nakamura-Berta (Project One) +1.06
  3. Oliver Greenall (Synergy) +1.24
  4. Archie Walker (Synergy) +1.66
  5. Theo Micouris (Synergy) +1.75
  6. Tristan Rennie (Project One) +1.92

Final 2

  1. Alfie Rigby (Synergy)
  2. Daniel Guinchard (Synergy) +0.56
  3. Edward Pearson (Synergy) +0.71
  4. Theo Micouris (Synergy) +1.19
  5. Kean Nakamura-Berta (Project One) +1.21
  6. Sonny Smith (Synergy) +1.43
Alfie Rigby (pic – Chris Walker/

MSA TKM Junior National Championship

Abbi Pulling was 2nd in Qualifying behind Jack Nicholson but won both heats to take pole for Final 1, while Nicholson dropped back with a penalty in Heat 2.


Final 1 saw two red flags and the race eventually abandoned, with Pulling leading all six laps while Connor Kearney was close throughout.

In Final 2 Pulling led most of the way apart from a brief period with Archie Strong in the lead, but he later dropped to the back leaving Kearney, Morgan Kidd and Ben Watson to fight over 2nd which eventually went to Watson over a second behind Pulling.

Pulling is a huge 56 points ahead of Daniel Butterworth in the Championship with Kearney 3rd.

Abbi Pulling (pic – Chris Walker/


Final 1

  1. Abbi Pulling (Tal-ko)
  2. Connor Kearney (Tonykart) +0.07
  3. Astin Wigley (Birel ART) +0.45
  4. Archie Strong (ARC) +0.72
  5. Jack Nicholson (Tal-ko) +0.76
  6. Morgan Kidd (Tal-ko) +1.63

Final 2

  1. Abbi Pulling (Tal-ko)
  2. Ben Watson (Tal-ko) +1.36
  3. Scott Smith (Jade) +1.85
  4. Oliver Stratford (Jade) +2.89
  5. Morgan Kidd (Tal-ko) +2.96
  6. Alexander Page (Tonykart) +5.39
Abbi Pulling (pic – Chris Walker/

MSA TKM Senior National Championship

Sam Fowler qualified on pole in the biggest class of the meeting, just 0.02s ahead of E Plate holder Pete Newman. Fowler stayed ahead with two 2nd places in the heats, with the wins going to Newman, Chris Whitton and Joseph Reeves-Smith, but Newman dropping down the Intermediate Classification after problems in his other heat.

Fowler won Final 1, leading from lights to flag but never pulling away from Whitton and Reeves-Smith, while Newman made up eight places to 6th. Reeves-Smith won an exciting Final 2 which was a constant battle with Fowler, Max Goldsmith and Newman, with Fowler unfortunately not finishing.

Despite a relatively low-scoring Shenington, Adam Sparrow is leading the Championship by 13 points from Kristian Brierley, while Fowler and Reeves-Smith are in 5th and 6th.

Joseph Reeves-Smith (pic – Chris Walker/


Final 1

  1. Sam Fowler (Birel ART)
  2. Joseph Reeves-Smith (Tonykart) +0.12
  3. Max Goldsmith (Birel ART) +1.47
  4. Louis Beaven (Tonykart) +1.54
  5. Chris Whitton (Tal-ko) +1.77
  6. Pete Newman (Alonso) +1.9

Final 2

  1. Joseph Reeves-Smith (Tonykart)
  2. Pete Newman (Alonso) +0.09
  3. Max Goldsmith (Birel ART) +0.32
  4. Harry Moore (Birel ART) +0.66
  5. Louis Beaven (Tonykart) +1.02
  6. Kristian Brierley (ARC) +1.35

Mini X Guest Race

Joshua McLean put it on pole in Timed Qualifying but the heat wins went to Joshua Rowledge and Ian Aguilera, with Rowledge on pole for Final 1.

The first Final saw a constant battle between Rowledge, Aguilera and Jessica Edgar with Aguilera ahead when it mattered to win by eight tenths. In Final 2 Edgar overcame Aguilera early on and led much of the race before Rowledge passed, and Aguilera retired a few laps from the end.

Joshua Rowledge (pic – Chris Walker/


Final 1

  1. Ian Aguilera (Exprit)
  2. Joshua Rowledge (Tonykart) +0.79
  3. Jessica Edgar (Exprit) +0.97
  4. Aaron Walker (Exprit) +9.06
  5. Ivan Lomliev (Tonykart) +9.23
  6. Joshua Mclean (Exprit) +11.01

Final 2

  1. Joshua Rowledge (Tonykart)
  2. Jessica Edgar (Exprit) +0.09
  3. Joshua Mclean (Exprit) +0.17
  4. Ivan Lomliev (Tonykart) +2.59
  5. Rashan Chigorimbo (Birel ART) +7.78
  6. Aaron Walker (Exprit) +11.77
Joshua Rowledge (pic – Chris Walker/

MSA X30 Junior National Championship

Clayton Ravenscroft qualified on pole in a session where the top seven were in the same tenth but problematic heats dropped him down to 11th on the Final 1 grid while Alex Lloyd took pole with two heat wins.

After starting 6th, Lewis Thompson took the lead from Nelson King near the end of Final 1 with Lloyd also having a shot in the lead in the early stages. Ravenscroft, Caden McQueen, Lewis Gilbert, Casper Stevenson also formed part of the lead group in a race full of suspense.

Ravenscroft gained five places to win Final 2 ahead of Thompson after tailing him for much of the race and overtaking five laps from the end. This time the two of them were out on their own, pulling away from McQueen in 3rd.

Ravenscroft now has a five-point lead over Gilbert with Dragan Pinsent further back in 3rd.

Clayton Ravenscroft (pic – Chris Walker/


Final 1

  1. Lewis Thompson (Birel ART)
  2. Alex Lloyd (Alonso) +0.12
  3. Caden McQueen (Mad-Croc) +0.89
  4. Lewis Gilbert (Kosmic) +1.04
  5. Casper Stevenson (Exprit) +1.25
  6. Clayton Ravenscroft (Kosmic) +1.38

Final 2

  1. Clayton Ravenscroft (Kosmic)
  2. Lewis Thompson (Birel ART) +0.22
  3. Caden McQueen (Mad-Croc) +4.42
  4. Joshua Rattican (Tonykart) +4.46
  5. Lewis Gilbert (Kosmic) +4.72
  6. Alex Lloyd (Alonso) +5.01

MSA X30 Senior National Championship

Joe Turney took pole in Timed Qualifying ahead of Morgan Porter and Oliver Hodgson who posted exactly the same time.

Hodgson then won both heats to put him on pole for the first Final. He led much of Final 1, but was attacked by Turney who led a lap, then in the latter half Sean Butcher came through to win by half a second.

Turney had his revenge in Final 2 where Hodgson led all the way with Turney close behind, until Turney pulled ahead to win on the last lap. Porter was the fastest man on the track but took 3rd too late to reel in the leaders.

Turney’s win has given him a 15-point lead over Porter, with Hodgson another seven points behind.


Joe Turney (pic – Chris Walker/


Final 1

  1. Sean Butcher (Tonykart)
  2. Oliver Hodgson (Birel ART) +0.48
  3. Thomas Turner (Compkart) +0.6
  4. Joe Turney (Kosmic) +0.85
  5. Morgan Porter (Tonykart) +1.64
  6. Rory Hudson (Tonykart) +1.74

Final 2

  1. Joe Turney (Kosmic)
  2. Oliver Hodgson (Birel ART) +0.07
  3. Morgan Porter (Tonykart) +1.56
  4. Derek Morgan (Gillard) +2.05
  5. Sean Butcher (Tonykart) +3.89
  6. Thomas Turner (Compkart) +4.04
Vinnie Phillips (pic – Chris Walker/