CRG Win European KZ Championship

Paolo De Conto had won the race and title on track, but a 10s time penalty handed the title to Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland) and the race victory to Fabian Federer (Team SRP). CRG secured its 46th European Title. Excellent win for Emilien Denner (Kalì Kart) in KZ2.

The final round of the KZ and KZ2 European Championship had an exciting finale at South Garda Karting in Lonato. CRG colors have been the absolute protagonists claiming two important results: the victory of the European KZ Championship, and the top step of the KZ2 podium with a young promising driver like Emilien Denner.

The KZ European Champion 2018 Jorrit Pex on the left, Paolo De Conto on the right; (pic – CRG Press)


The victory for CRG at the KZ European Championship came with Jorrit Pex, who won his second title with the Italian outfit, after winning it back in 2012. The victory had earlier been taken at the flag by Paolo De Conto, who has been a great interpreter of this event and cross the finish line as first, a result that virtually awarded him with the Championship win. His race was later on voided by Stewards though, as they decided to penalize him for an overtaking move on Celenta, that ended up in a collision between the two. Due to this episode, that was judged not as normal racing incident, De Conto was handed a 10s time penalty. The disappointment for this decision was mitigated by the fact that another CRG driver, Fabian Federer, inherited the win after a great race, and that the title of European Champion went to Jorrit Pex, who ended the Final in fifth place and was promoted from second to first in the overall classification.

The KZ final winner in Lonato Fabian Federer (pic – CRG Press)

CRG claimed its 46th European title and the 24th in shifter categories. This result confirmed the chassis made by the Italian factory on top of the International scene and places CRG as great favourite to the victory of the KZ World Championship and World Cup KZ2 next September in Genk.

Pedro Hiltbrand also put in a very strong race in Lonato, completing an excellent comeback that brought him up to the final P6.



Emilien Denner scored an incredible win in KZ2. He has been the excellent protagonist of the race in Lonato and rewarded CRG with the awareness of having a victorious driver also in this category. Denner, who has been competing on Kalì-Kart, is the new name of KZ2, category in which the young French driver has been competing for only one year. He has already taken the luxury of winning a race of the European Championship in Lonato out of the 92 drivers, and is fighting for the victory in the German KZ2 Cup. Hats off!

The Championship was won by Adrien Renaudin, thanks to the points harvested in Salbris. Denner ended 3rd in the final classification.

Among the other CRG drivers, Jean Luyet has also scored a strong result in KZ2 ending the Final in 11th position, but also showing great speed in qualifying heats. Marco Valenti also deserved a round of applause as he qualified for his first Final of a European Championship. The Spanish driver Gerard Cebrian Ariza should also have run the Final, but he was not allowed to get on the grid, due to a 2 minutes delay at the entry gate!

The KZ2 final winner in Lonato Emilien Denner on Kali Kart (pic – CRG Press)

European Championship KZ, Final standings: 1. Jorrit Pex points 50; 2. Iglesias 39; 3. Federer 37; 4. Ardigò 35; 5. De Conto 32; 6. Kremers 29; 7. Lammers 20; 8. Hiltbrand 20; 9. Dreezen 20; 10. Hajek 19.

European Championship KZ2, Final standings: 1. Renaudin points 46; 2. Pollini 37; 3. Denner 35; 4. Palomba 34; 5. Longhi 34; 6. Piccini 34; 7. Loubere 30; 8. Petit 25; 9. Viganò 20; 10. Lay 12.

Team CRG celebrating the victories of Federer and Denner. (pic – CRG Press)

Driver interviews:

Paolo De Conto: “This weekend has been extremely positive in terms of performance and work done by the team. Regarding the Stewards’ decision, I believe it is deeply unfair and excessive compared to the consequences it had. I think it is necessary to extend the Stewards Board to former drivers, as happens in the case of F1, since they are figures capable of understanding an overtaking move technically and work out the unfair or dangerous moves from the normal overtakings and duels. Celenta had a problem and I did not have any intention to push for an overtaking, but then he made a little mistake and I got in. We clarified with each other and are fine amongst ourselves. The fact that the title remained at CRG damage limitation, but if I think to a World Championship run in a single race, I do not feel serene nor comfortable with the current evaluation criteria.”

Jorrit Pex: “I am really happy for the title victory, even though I am sorry for the decision of the Stewards regarding Paolo. He did a great race today. For me and my team this has been a very positive championship, we have been competitive in all the racing stages and did a great job in both rounds. I thank all the staff, TM and CRG that provides us with an excellent support. Now we will focus on the World Championship in Genk aiming high.”

Emilien Denner: “The whole weekend has been good, starting from the pole position in qualifying, to P1 after heats and the final win. Winning a final at the European Championship and gaining the third position of the classification is a huge satisfaction for me. Everything clicked, from engine to chassis. Thanks to CRG and to the preparator Dal Doss. I thank everyone. Now I will compete in DKM at Kerpen and then Genk, where I will be in the fight for the victory in KZ2 Cup. I finally will contest KZ2 International Super Cup, where I hope to get a good result too.”