Connor Wins The Battle; Chinnery Wins The War

Jennacubbine Dirt Kart Club (WA) – Club Day June 23, 2018

By Brad Mitchell

Meeting number three for the year at the Jennacubbine Dirt Kart Club featured the fourth and final round of the 2018 Outlaw Shootout Series.

Sixteen of the winged 250cc monsters were on hand and provided plenty of action across the day. Despite Jennacubbine’s last meeting cancelled due to rain, mother nature smiled upon the venue this time with a stunning Winters day.

Ron Conner was the Outlaw round winner (pic – Brad Mitchell)

The Outlaws races were won by Ron Connor and Joel Ettridge who would each have two wins with the remaining victory going to the immaculate W3 entry of Warren Joyce. With his victory in the Final, Connor won the round from Ettridge by a mere two points with series points leader Glen Chinnery in third only a point behind.

Going into the last round with a healthy points margin Chinnery would easily win the series crown on 266, followed by Connor 209, Ettridge 207 and Craig Nelson on 153.

Outlaw Shootout series winner Glen Chinnery (pic – Brad Mitchell)

A staggering twenty-seven drivers contested a round or more of the series. Congratulations go the drivers and the 2018 Outlaw Shootout Series sponsors: Wheel N More, Karting Spares WA and HearthHouse Mandurah.

Tyler Mcquilkin dominated the Junior races with four wins and a second place from five starts. Lachy Horton and Thomas Palliser both finished the day locked together on 74 points in KT Light, but it was Horton who would claim the win on countback.


Junior winner Tyler McQuilkin (pic – Brad Mitchell)

125 Light also finished with two drivers locked on points after their five races with Luke Nardini getting the win over Aron Sharp after both finished on 89 points. Glen Chinnery won 125 Heavy with a seven-point win over Adam Grigg.

Three points covered the top three in KT Heavy with Ray Brookes winning by a point from Jared Bevan with Matt Bain a point back in third. Bevan went one better by having an easy win in A Grade in his KT Twin powered Benson.

KT Light winner Lachy Horton (pic – Brad Mitchell)

Midgets and Rookies completed the program with the Rookies providing plenty of action as well as a few anxious moments for some mums and dads.

The next meeting at the Jennacubbine Dirt Kart Club is a club day set down for Saturday July 28 and an Education Day on Sunday July 29.

Outlaws provide spectacular racing (pic – Thomas Mitchell)


Juniors: 1st Tyler Mcquilkin 97, 2nd Cody Horton 86, 3rd Brodie O’Brien 73, 4th Sunny Haywood 66.
KT Light: 1st. Lachy Horton 74, 2nd Thomas Palliser 74, 3rd Abbey Pickering 54, 4th Aron Sharp 52.
KT Heavy: 1st Ray Brookes 75, 2nd Jared Bevan 74, 3rd Matt Bain 73, 4th Josh Dale 63.
125 Light: 1st Luke Nardini 89, 2nd Aron Sharp 89, 3rd Leo Ballard 68, 4th Allan Bain 58.
125 Heavy: 1st Glen Chinnery 79, 2nd Adam Grigg 72, 3rd Daniel Coleman 70, 4th Matt Varis 69.
A Grade: 1st Jared Bevan 92, 2nd Joel Ettridge 57, 3rd Shane Coumbe 51. 4th John Passchier 13.
Outlaws: 1st Ron Connor 74, 2nd Joel Ettridge 72, 3rd Glen Chinnery 71, 4th Warren Joyce 69.

Warren Joyce in the stunning W3 entry (pic – Brad Mitchell)

2018 Outlaw Shootout Series Final Points Top 10
1. Glen Chinnery 266
2. Ron Connor 209
3. Joel Ettridge 207
4. Craig Nelson 153
5. Warren Joyce 140
6. Corey Gower 122
7. Adam Maguire 110
8. Geoff Evans 102
9. Jake Montgomery 98
10. Mark Davis 79

KT Heavy winner Ray Brookes (pic – Brad Mitchell)
Joel Ettridge (pic – Brad Mitchell)
Jake Montgomery (pic – Brad Mitchell)
Corey Gower ahead of Glen Chinnery (pic – Brad Mitchell)
Casey Bradford (pic – Brad Mitchell)
Australian Outlaw Champion James Inglis (pic – Brad Mitchell)
Alan Hicks (pic – Brad Mitchell)
A-Grade winner Jared Bevan (pic – Thomas Mitchell)
125 Light winner Luke Nardini (pic – Brad Mitchell)
125 Heavy winner Glen Chinnery (pic – Brad Mitchell)
Chad Ingleton (45) and Max Pilmer (73) come to grief in heat four of Outlaws (pic – Brad Mitchell)