New DR Kart Cadet & Junior Chassis Coming

DR Racing Kart Australia – in conjunction with the DR Racing Kart factory, D.Racing and NEK Racing Seats – has been developing the latest karts that are about to hit Australian shores.

“We have a new Cadet kart dubbed the France-spec designed with Mini-MAX and Cadet 12 in mind” DR Racing Kart Australia posted.

“It has 25mm stubs, 40mm axle, magnesium rims and upgraded braking system to cope with the higher speed and weight. This kart is about to set the tracks of Australia on fire.”

“With a lot of work from the team in Italy we have developed a new Junior 1010mm chassis, using 28mm frame, senior ven11 brake system, 40mm axle, designed specifically for KA4 class here in Australia.”


DR Racing Kart Australia have limited stock available, and there’s a special price for the first 5 karts in Cadet and 101 form.

  • Contact DR Racing Kart Australia via their Facebook page HERE.