DPE To Open Karting Superstores

Iconic Australian karting business DPE Kart Technology is in the process of opening karting “superstores” in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

It was announced today that DPE has purchased Melbourne retailer Kerbrider and is currently transitioning that business to be the Victorian Superstore. Further announcements are pending regarding NSW and Qld.

Kerbrider was established around five years ago by Aaron Rintoul, a former employee of DPE. Having now sold to DPE, Rintoul has taken on a new role as DPEKT’s Sales & Marketing Manager.

“I will take on a new role with DPE as their Sales & Marketing Manager, focusing on the development of these superstores” Rintoul posted on social media.

“Rest assured that I will personally be doing everything I can to improve the business services for you, above and beyond what I was able to achieve with Kerbrider’s small dedicated team.

“This change will enable us to provide significantly improved service & product availability in time.


“That said, we ask that you be patient as we transform the business from Kerbrider into the DPE Kart Superstore over the next month or so.”

With the final negotiations happening for the NSW and Qld Superstores, DPE has stated it will continue to supply its current dealer network, providing their monthly purchases justify a wholesale account.

“We will not be undercutting our dealers on price, we will sell at our RRP & if specials are offered, the existing dealer network will receive a relative discount on the item as well” DPE posted.

“Where possible, we are aiming to retain the (current) owner operator to work within the DPE Kart Superstore business and continue serving their valued customers.”