New Constitution for Karting NSW

KNSW Press Release


On 05 May 2018, the Board of Karting NSW Inc. convened a Special General Meeting.

The sole agenda item of the Special General Meeting requiring a decision was a Special Resolution to implement a new Constitution.

The Board is very pleased to announce that the vote was unanimous in favour of implementing a new Constitution, which takes effect as of 05 May 2018.

Reviewing the Constitution was first discussed at the General Meeting of Members in November 2017, soon after the appointment of a new independent skills-based Board of Directors.


After considering feedback from its Member Clubs, the Board undertook a review of the constitution to ensure it complied with the NSW Fair Trading’s new model constitution and fairly reflected the Association’s current structure and operations.

Chairman Mr David Filipetto commended the Membership for their recognition and consideration of issues pertaining to good governance practices within the Sport.

“We now have a good foundation to build upon and can now focus on increasing participation at the grass roots level, enticing people back to the sport and promoting the fun family-focused sport that drives all of our passion in karting”.

  • Download the new 24-page constitution from the Karting NSW site by clicking HERE.