The Decline of Kids In Sport

Wayne Goldsmith is a sport & coaching adviser who has been at the forefront of sports innovation, education and development for over 25 years.

Last year, Goldsmith led a workshop for KartSport New Zealand at its annual conference (see HERE).

This year the Aussie was back speaking with the Kiwis, and the video below is from a recent Race Officials Training Seminar.

Above: Wayne Goldsmith’s presentation was the catalyst for a game changing seminar with Race Officials at the recent KartSport NZ Seminar.

He points out that the number of kids participating in competitive sport is decreasing across a wide range of sports.

Sporting clubs and associations are undergoing a wide range of activities to address this, however the overwhelming message from the kids and the parents is that it’s all about the experience – how they’re connected to the sport and how they’re embraced when they turn up to participate.


Something that has a big impact on this is the attitude of officials. Goldsmith believes officials, particularly at amateur level, should be taking on the role of educator and developer rather than strict rulebook enforcer.

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