Rotax Booms at Super One Series Opener

The 36th edition of the Tuto Super One Series kicked off at the weekend at PF International last weekend with racing for the Rotax, X30 and Cadet classes in variable weather.

The Rotax classes have been rejuvenated by a new two-day race programme with Qualifying and Heats on Saturday and Finals on Sunday. Senior Rotax has gone from zero to 69 drivers, necessitating C and B Finals, while there were full grids in 177 and Junior Rotax and an increase in Minimax entries. Along with the always-healthy X30 and Cadet grids, altogether there were 301 entries.

James Lowther heads the start (pic – Chris Walker/

The next round will be at Whilton Mill on 27th-29th April for the same classes.

MSA British Cadet Kart Championship

Qualifying on Friday evening saw Maxwell Dodds take pole ahead of William MacIntyre then Dodds and Arvid Lindblad won a heat each.

In a damp Final 1 Lindblad was on pole next to Dodds with Freddie Slater 3rd, and Lindblad led much of the race on his own before Slater caught up and overtook in the second half. Lindblad retook the lead with a lap to go and just managed to hold off Slater on the last lap. Harley Keeble was fastest and up to 3rd, with Dodds behind him.

Freddie Slater (pic – Chris Walker/

In Final 2 it was now wet and there were many rolling laps before a red flag for the Race Director to have a word with the drivers. Lindblad held the lead from Slater with Dodds taking 3rd and a lead pack formed including the trio and Luke Watts. Dodds led half the last lap before Slater passed with a corner to go at the Mike Wilson complex.

MSA X30 Junior National Championship

Joseph Taylor took pole in Qualifying just ahead of Tom Edgar and Alex Lloyd but Axel LaFlamme took pole for Final 1 with a win and a 2nd in the heats, the other two wins going to Reggie Duhy and Clayton Ravenscroft.

Final 1 was almost dry and LaFlamme started on pole before being attacked for the lead by Ravenscroft, Duhy and others. Ravenscroft managed to get away while LaFlamme dropped back. Dragan Pinsent and Taylor fought for 2nd before Luke Whitehead carved his way through leaving Pinsent 3rd.

Clayton Ravenscroft (pic – Chris Walker/

By Final 2 it was wet again and Ravenscroft pulled out a gap from pole ahead of Pinsent and Whitehead, who had swapped places. Pinsent was faster towards the end but not close enough to challenge on the last lap.

MSA X30 Senior National Championship

Oliver Hodgson took pole 0.2s ahead of Derek Morgan and went on to win both heats ahead of Lewis Malin and Levi King.

Hodgson led Final 1 all the way while Owen Byatt came through from 6th on the grid to finish 2nd ahead of King but too far away to challenge.

Oliver Hodgson (pic – Chris Walker/

In a fully wet Final 2, Hodgson led initially away from pole while Byatt went off at the first corner. Elliot Harvey took 2nd and Morgan Porter 3rd, with Harvey starting to reel Hodgson in. Harvey overtook and got away with six minutes to go but Hodgson again pulled him back to regain the lead, with Harvey dropping back in a spin on the last lap.

ABkC Honda Cadet National Championship

Theo Micouris took pole in the dry but cloudy Qualifying ahead of Sebastian Bloch. The heat wins went to Alfie Rigby, Micouris and Daniel Guinchard with Rigby taking pole for Final 1 as he also had a 2nd.

Rigby started Final 1 on pole with Micouris next to him and Kean Berta 3rd, but Micouris came down the hill in the lead, a second ahead of Berta. As the race went on, Berta was pushing Micouris in the slow corners and got into the lead with three minutes to go. Micouris, now fastest, swiftly fought back and pulled out a bit more of a gap. The battle for 3rd included Rigby, Bloch and Sonny Smith where there was contact at the first hairpin which shuffled things and Smith took the final podium position.

Sebastian Bloch (pic – Chris Walker/

In Final 2 Rigby took the lead at the start, but under pressure from Bloch and Berta. Bloch took the lead and tried to get away while Berta and Rigby fought. There was contact between the two halfway through with Berta losing places, and Oliver Greenall moved up to 2nd from Rigby. Archie Walker came through to 3rd, even threatening Greenall but later received a bumper penalty, giving 3rd back to Rigby, behind Bloch and Greenall.

ABkC Minimax National Championship

Myles Barthorpe was the poleman after Qualifying ahead of Sam Gornall and Max Edmundson then Barthorpe and Edmundson took a heat win each.

From pole Barthorpe led throughout Final 1 while behind him Marcus Littlewood came through from 6th on the grid to take 2nd before being dislodged by Max Edmundson two laps from the end with Archie Kitching also coming through to take 3rd.

Myles Barthorpe (pic – Chris Walker/

Littlewood made a good start in Final 2 but he spun, causing chaos in the pack on the wet track. Poleman Barthorpe held the lead with Edmundson pushing before Edmundson also spun. Sean Cuss was fastest and was putting pressure on the leader Barthorpe but Barthorpe just held him off on the last lap. Cuss was penalised after the race giving Edmundson back 2nd and 3rd to Ellis Puleio.

ABkC Junior Rotax National Championship

In Qualifying James Lowther took pole ahead of Guy Cunnington then it was straight into the heats where Lowther stayed ahead with two 2nds and the wins went to Cunnington and Oakley Pryer.

Lowther led away from pole in Final 1 and after initially getting away, Cunnington reeled him back in and overtook on lap 5 with Kai Hunter following him through. Hunter and Lowther battled for the rest of the race with Cameron Thomson lying in ambush, but Cunnington won 1.7s ahead of Lowther and Hunter.

James Lowther (pic – Chris Walker/

In Final 2, Cunnington started on pole but Lowther took the lead at the start. Thomson was 3rd and initially fastest but the positions stayed the same until the end on the wet track.

ABkC Senior Rotax National Championship

The biggest class of the weekend saw Joe Turney take pole 0.06s ahead of Charlie Turner while heat wins went to Rhys Hunter twice, Jason Lockwood, Joe Turney and Tommy Foster. Turney was well down the grid after a penalty in the first heat.

By the time the Senior Rotax karts went out for their first Final it was damp but the drivers were still on slicks. Hunter was on pole next to Ben Davis with Foster in 3rd. Hunter got away at the start with James Johnson and Turner behind him. They were spread out for a while, but Turner reeled Johnson in and Johnson came under pressure from James Lingard who took 3rd with a minute to go. Johnson just about managed to regain the position while Myles Apps pressured Lingard. Hunter won 1.44s ahead of Turner with Johnson 3rd.

Joe Turney (pic – Chris Walker/

Final 2 was fully wet and at the start Johnson took 2nd on the first lap behind Hunter. Johnson slid off after four minutes racing with Bradley Barrett now 3rd behind Turner. Fastest man on the track Turney was reeling in the leaders and with three minutes left on the clock was attacking Hunter for the lead while Barrett was attacking Turner for 3rd. Turney took the lead and went on to win by 3s for his second podium of the day, following his 3rd place in X30 Senior.

ABkC Rotax 177 National Championship

Oliver Smith just pipped Louis Large for pole in Qualifying then Large won both heats followed by James Moorcroft in one and Smith in the other.

Large led all the way in Final 1, pulling away from Jamie Dzyra who was 2nd until a coming-together with James Beacroft in 3rd put him down to 12th and Beacroft out of the meeting with a bent kart. This left Lucas Vaus 6s back in 2nd and Jason Wilson 3rd.

Louis Large (pic – Chris Walker/

Poleman Large held the lead at the start of Final 2 with Chris Thomas up to 2nd. 2nd on the grid Vaus was off at the start but was to restart two laps later, as every meeting counts in this class. Charlie Whaley took 3rd before going off onto the back straight, giving the place to Smith, but now far back from the leaders. Dzyra and Alexander Luck then tussled for the final podium position, with Luck taking it but 9s behind Thomas.

Mini X Support Race

Joshua Rowledge topped Qualifying a quarter-second ahead of Joshua McLean and the two took a win each in the two heats, giving Rowledge pole.

One of the most tightly fought battles of the weekend took place in Final 1 with Rowledge, Rashan Chigorimbo, Ivan Lomliev and McLean all taking turns in the lead and McLean crossing the line first, but several penalties in the lead pack gave the win to Lomliev from Aaron Walker and Jessica Edgar.

Jessica Edgar (pic – Chris Walker/

In Final 2 Rowledge made a good start to take 3rd on the fast lap from 14th on the grid and took the lead three laps in with Edgar taking 2nd halfway through. McLean finished 3rd on the track, but he and leader Rowledge were both penalised for their bumpers so Edgar won ahead of Matthew Higgins and Lomliev.


MSA British Cadet Kart Championship

Final 1: 1 Arvid Lindblad (Synergy), 2 Freddie Slater (Synergy), 3 Harley Keeble (Synergy), 4 Maxwell Dodds (Tonykart), 5 Luke Watts (Tonykart), 6 William Macintyre (Synergy)

Final 2: 1 Freddie Slater (Synergy), 2 Maxwell Dodds (Tonykart), 3 Arvid Lindblad (Synergy), 4 William Macintyre (Synergy), 5 Sam Shaw (Tonykart),6 Harley Haughton (Synergy)

Championship Standings

1 Arvid Lindblad (Synergy) 132

1 Freddie Slater (Synergy) 132

3 Maxwell Dodds (Tonykart) 129

4 William Macintyre (Synergy) 124

5 Harley Keeble (Synergy) 112

6 Harley Haughton (Synergy) 111

Freddie Slater (pic – Chris Walker/

MSA X30 Junior National Championship

Final 1: 1 Clayton Ravenscroft (Kosmic), 2 Luke Whitehead (Mad-Croc), 3 Dragan Pinsent (Tonykart), 4 Alessandro Ceronetti (Exprit), 5 Joseph Taylor (Fullerton), 6 Alex Walker (Kosmic)

Final 2: 1 Clayton Ravenscroft (Kosmic), 2 Dragan Pinsent (Tonykart), 3 Luke Whitehead (Mad-Croc), 4 Reggie Duhy (Mad-Croc), 5 Joseph Taylor (Fullerton), 6 Shane White (Tonykart),

Championship Standings

1 Clayton Ravenscroft (Kosmic) 191

2 Luke Whitehead (Mad-Croc) 184

3 Dragan Pinsent (Tonykart) 183

4 Joseph Taylor (Fullerton) 179

5 Reggie Duhy (Mad-Croc) 176

6 Axel Laflamme (Kosmic) 170


Clayton Ravenscroft (pic – Chris Walker/

MSA X30 Senior National Championship

Final 1: 1 Oliver Hodgson (Birel ART), 2 Owen Byatt (Kosmic), 3 Levi King (Tonykart), 4 Morgan Porter (Tonykart), 5 Elliot Harvey (Alonso), 6 Joe Turney (Kosmic)

Final 2: 1 Oliver Hodgson (Birel ART), 2 Morgan Porter (Tonykart), 3 Joe Turney (Kosmic), 4 Thomas Turner (Compkart), 5 Elliot Harvey (Alonso), 6 Levi King (Tonykart)

Championship Standings

1 Oliver Hodgson (Birel ART) 196

2 Levi King (Tonykart) 180

3 Lewis Malin (Compkart) 174

4 Joe Turney (Kosmic) 170

5 Morgan Porter (Tonykart) 169

6 Owen Byatt (Kosmic) 167

ABkC Honda Cadet National Championship

Final 1: 1 Theo Micouris (Synergy), 2 Kean Berta (Synergy), 3 Sonny Smith (Synergy), 4 Sebastian Bloch (Project One), 5 Alfie Rigby (Synergy), 6 Daniel Guinchard (Synergy)

Final 2: 1 Sebastian Bloch (Project One), 2 Oliver Greenall (Project One), 3 Alfie Rigby (Synergy), 4 Theo Micouris (Synergy), 5 Kean Berta (Synergy), 6 Sonny Smith (Synergy)

Championship Standings

1 Theo Micouris (Synergy) 188

2 Kean Berta (Synergy) 185

3 Alfie Rigby (Synergy) 184

3 Sebastian Bloch (Project One) 184

5 Sonny Smith (Synergy) 174

6 Daniel Guinchard (Synergy) 171

Sebastian Bloch (pic – Chris Walker/

ABkC Minimax National Championship

Final 1: 1 Myles Barthorpe (Tonykart), 2 Max Edmundson (Kosmic), 3 Archie Kitching (Tonykart), 4 Marcus Littlewood (Tonykart), 5 Sam Gornall (Exprit), 6 Sean Cuss (Tonykart)

Final 2: 1 Myles Barthorpe (Tonykart), 2 Max Edmundson (Kosmic), 3 Ellis Puleio (Tonykart), 4 Sean Cuss (Tonykart), 5 Charlie Knight (Kosmic), 6 Jack Finch (Alonso)

Championship Standings

1 Myles Barthorpe (Tonykart) 193

2 Max Edmundson (Kosmic) 185

3 Archie Kitching (Tonykart) 176

4 Sam Gornall (TBC) 175

5 Marcus Littlewood (Tonykart) 172

6 Sean Cuss (Tonykart) 168

Myles Barthorpe (pic – Chris Walker/

ABkC Junior Rotax National Championship

Final 1: 1 Guy Cunnington (Tonykart), 2 James Lowther (Tonykart), 3 Kai Hunter (Kosmic), 4 Cameron Thomson (Kosmic), 5 Finlay Bunce (Kosmic), 6 Alex Eades (Kosmic)

Final 2: 1 James Lowther (Tonykart), 2 Guy Cunnington (Tonykart), 3 Cameron Thomson (Kosmic), 4 Finlay Bunce (Kosmic), 5 Kai Hunter (Kosmic), 6 Matthew Collings (Tonykart)

Championship Standings

1 James Lowther (Tonykart) 192

1 Guy Cunnington (Tonykart) 192

3 Finlay Bunce (Kosmic) 175

4 Cameron Thomson (Kosmic) 168

5 Kai Hunter (Kosmic) 167

6 Samuel Harrison (Tonykart) 165

(pic – Chris Walker/

ABkC Senior Rotax National Championship

Final 1: 1 Rhys Hunter (Kosmic), 2 Charlie Turner (Alonso), 3 James Johnson (Alonso), 4 James Lingard (Tonykart), 5 Myles Apps (Alonso), 6 Joe Turney (Kosmic)

Final 2: 1 Joe Turney (Kosmic), 2 Rhys Hunter (Kosmic), 3 Bradley Barrett (Alonso), 4 Charlie Turner (Alonso), 5 James Lingard (Tonykart), 6 Luke Wooder (TBC)

Championship Standings

1 Rhys Hunter (Kosmic) 194

2 Charlie Turner (Alonso) 182

3 James Lingard (Tonykart) 178

4 James Johnson (Alonso) 175

4 Joe Turney (Kosmic) 175

6 Bradley Barrett (Alonso) 173

Joe Turney (pic – Chris Walker/

ABkC Rotax 177 National Championship

Final 1: 1 Louis Large (Tonykart), 2 Lucas Vaus (Kosmic), 3 Jason Wilson (Tonykart), 4 Chris Thomas (Tonykart), 5 Charlie Whaley (Mad-Croc), 6 Alexander Luck (Tonykart)

Final 2: 1 Louis Large (Tonykart), 2 Chris Thomas (Tonykart), 3 Alexander Luck (Tonykart), 4 Jamie Dzyra (Gillard), 5 Alex Rowley (AIR), 6 Tony Dickinson (Gillard)

Championship Standings

1 Louis Large (Tonykart) 196

2 Chris Thomas (Tonykart) 183

3 Jamie Dzyra (Gillard) 166

4 Alex Rowley (AIR) 159

5 Oliver Smith (Gillard) 155

5 James Moorcroft (Tonykart) 155

Louis Large (pic – Chris Walker/

Mini X Support Race

Final 1: 1 Ivan Lomliev (Tonykart), 2 Aaron Walker (Exprit), 3 Jessica Edgar (Exprit), 4 Daniel Bolton (Tonykart), 5 Harvey Riby (Tonykart), 6 Matthew Higgins (Mad-Croc)

Final 2: 1 Jessica Edgar (Exprit), 2 Matthew Higgins (Mad-Croc), 3 Ivan Lomliev (Tonykart), 4 Oliver Duffell (Tonykart), 5 Joshua Rowledge (Tonykart), 6 Rashan Chigorimbo (Compkart)

Championship Standings

1 Ivan Lomliev (Tonykart) 183

2 Jessica Edgar (Exprit) 180

3 Aaron Walker (Exprit) 178

4 Joshua Mclean (TBC) 177

5 Joshua Rowledge (Tonykart) 175

6 Rashan Chigorimbo (Compkart) 171


Jessica Edgar (pic – Chris Walker/