New Branding for World Karting Championships

With a new promoter (RGMMC) now in place, the branding of the karting World Championships has changed.

A new logo has been devised (designed by the same agency that produced the new branding for Formula One) and the CIK abbreviation dropped to become the “FIA Karting World Championship”.

A number of different agencies presented suggestions for a new branding concept. Ultimately, it was the world famous design team Interstate Creative Partners, who were instrumental in the creation of the Formula One and GT1 brand identities, that was appointed to complete the process.

In the past there were nine different logos for the various karting series. This has now been reduced to only two: one for the Continental championships and one for the World Championship.

It was decided that naming conventions should be aligned and standardised with the FIA’s other leading motor sport series by renaming as FIA Karting. The nomenclature ensures that all championships administered and sanctioned by the FIA follow a consistent and uniform theme that offers the karting world the same status and reputation as other leading categories.


A CIK press release stated the new logo has a “much more modern concept which is better suited to digital channels and animated for video use. Based on the well established (CIK) karting ‘K’, wrapped in the deep FIA blue, the logo depicts two karts racing to the finish flag and, as most kart races end, shows a close finish.”

“I’m very excited about the new brand, the agency together with the FIA did an amazing job to have completed the project in such a limited time frame” said James Geidel  of RGMMC.

“The need to rebrand karting and change the public image of the sport is vital and the new brand identity and title is the first step in reaching the goals RGMMC and FIA set out to achieve.

“Starting the new era with a new image, name and modern approach to the sport, 2018 will be the foundation of a very strong future.”