Buckley Scoops Nicole Franks Memorial at Ladies Cup

Alice Buckley was awarded the prestigious Nicole Franks Memorial Trophy for 2018 at the annual Ladies Trophy event at Lithgow on Saturday.

Buckley, who races in Cadet 12, was judged to have been the best overall performer at the event. She qualified fastest and won all four heats before taking out the 15-lap final by a winning margin of 3.6 seconds.

Maddie Hill and Ruby Gibson were crowned Charity Princesses for their efforts in raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Alice Buckley (pic – CDKC/FB)

Results of Finals (full results on mylaps HERE):

Cadet 9:
1 Lana Aylen
2 Chelsea Humphrey
3 Elley Smith

Cadet 12:
1 Alice buckley
2 Alasha McEachian
3 Kiara Edwards

KA3 Junior:
1 Paige Raddatz
2 Amy Woods
3 Imogen Vince

The 2018 class winners (pic – CDKC/FB)

KA3 Light:
1 Victoria Lopes
2 Finlay Burnett
3 Courtney Becker


KA3 Medium/KA4 Light/KA4 Heavy:
1 Miranda Clarke
2 Sharon Woods
3 Meryn Wales

KA4 Junior Heavy:
1 Maddisson Jess
2 Macey Cluderay

KA4 Junior Light:
1 Paige Raddatz
2 Charlee Richardson
3 Zali Green

TaG Light/TaG Heavy:
1 Courtney Becker
2 Nariko McDonnell
3 Miranda Clarke

TaG R Light/TaG R Medium:
1 Amy Bregonje
2 Sarah Sealy
3 Madelyne Czubara

Ladies Trophy Charity Princesses Maddie Hill (left) and Ruby Gibson – with a special mention to Team Pilbara Motorsport who as a team raised a massive amount for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (pic – CDKC/FB)
Fastest qualifiers (pic – CDKC/FB)
(pic – CDKC/FB)
KA3 Junior Light (pic – Pam Mathews, PamsPix)
Cadet 12 (pic – Pam Mathews, PamsPix)
Cadet 9 (pic – Pam Mathews, PamsPix)
TaG Restricted Light (pic – Pam Mathews, PamsPix)
TaG R Heavy (pic – Pam Mathews, PamsPix)
TaG 125 Light (pic – Pam Mathews, PamsPix)
KA3 Senior Light (pic – Pam Mathews, PamsPix)
KA3 Junior (pic – Pam Mathews, PamsPix)