Torini Now Available at SGKarts

The Torini kart engine is now available at SGK.

This engine has been designed to bring simplicity back to karting.

Every new karter is faced with the daunting task of trying to understand how to operate a kart in what has become a very complicated sport.

The Torini 4-Stroke Engine offers a new level of simplicity making it easier for new enthusiasts to get into our sport.

Torini Clubmaxx engine, sealed. RRP A$895 inc GST. Part# ENTOR01. Accessory Kit (below) Sold Separately.
Torini Engine Accessory Kit. RRP A$495 inc GST. Part# ENTOR02
Torini 4s Run In Oil 1Ltr. RRP $20 inc GST. .Part# GA031T

To ensure that the engine is run in correctly and the ring beds to the bore correctly, 4S Run In Oil (above) must be used for the first three hours of operation.


Torini 4s Racing Oil 1Ltr. RRP $24 inc GST. Part# GA031T2

After the engine has been run for 3 hours, change the oil to Torini 4s Racing Oil. This oil will improve lubrication and performance ensuring the life and performance of your engine. Available in 1 and 4 litre containers.

Torini 4s Racing Oil 4Ltr. RRP $89 inc GST. Part# GA031T4