Pro Tour Fuel Testing Update

At the final round of the Rotax Pro Tour in Albury, IKD in conjunction with Karting Australia, conducted comprehensive Fuel Testing.

22 fuel samples were collected from competitors (predominately front runners) and sent away to a Fuel Testing company for analysis. IKD also planted three different samples of illegal fuel so they could also “test the tester”.

None of the competitor samples were found to be illegal.

The three samples of illegal fuel that IKD planted into the test without the tester knowing were immediately identified by the tester as “illegal”.


“The good news is that illegal fuels can definitely be identified, despite the rumours that it cannot be detected” IKD published in a statement.

“It was also very good news that the front runners at the Rotax Pro Tour in all classes were not using illegal fuels.

“Finally, IKD would like to confirm that fuel testing will continue to be part of the technical checks conducted at Rotax Pro Tour events in 2018.”