Aussies Win In Vegas

Josh Car and Kris Walton have both picked up a winners pay cheque at the SKUSA SuperNationals in Las Vegas.

In a strange twist, neither actually got to greet the chequered flag first in the ‘Super Sunday’ finals. (Edit: we’ve since been told the chequered came out with the red for Walton)

Joshua Car has just been told he’s the winner (pic – Coopers Photography)

Car crossed the line second in the X30 Senior class, but was awarded the win after a penalty was applied to Lorenzo Travisanutto.

Kris Walton was leading fellow Aussie Kip Foster in X30 Masters when the race was red flagged and declared after 13 laps.

In addition to Foster’s second, Jason Faint and Broc Feeney also claimed runners-up positions in their respective classes.

Kris Walton, 1st X30 Masters (pic – Coopers Photography)


  • Lots of photos from the event are on Cooper’s Photography Facebook HERE
  • Full Results are HERE

Results summary of the Australian drivers (compiled by Karting Australia):

Micro Swift
Kristian Janev – 15th
Peter Bouzinelos – 27th


Mini Swift
James Wharton – 14th
Will Harper – 19th
Marcos Flack – 35th

X30 Junior
Broc Feeney – 2nd
Lochie Hughes – 27th
Taylah Agius – 36th
Harrison Hoey – 33rd
Jac Preston – 35th
Zak Lobko – DNF
Jake Sawyer – DNQ
Luke Sawyer – DNQ

Broc Feeny, 2nd on the Junior X30 podium (pic – Coopers Photography)

X30 Senior
Joshua Car – 1st
Ben Harders – 17th
Christian Pancione – 24th
David Sera – DNF
Tayla Cullinane – DNQ (70th)
Brendan Nelson – DNQ (78th)
Cody Gillis – DNQ (58th)
Reece Cohen – DNQ (67th)

X30 Masters
Kris Walton – 1st
Kip Foster – 2nd
Michael Patrizi – 17th

Aussie one-two: Kris Walton leads Kip Foster into turn 1, X30 Masters final (pic – Coopers Photography)

Jason Faint – 2nd

Troy Loeskow – 12th
Macauley Jones – 17th
Joshua Fife – DNF

Joshua Fife – 6th

Josh Fife spent much of the S1 final battling with Paulo de Conto (pic – Coopers Photography)
ANZACS in America (pic – Coopers Photography)
James Wharton (pic – Coopers Photography)
Broc Feeney (pic – Coopers Photography)
That kerb must have been a chassis wrecker… (pic – Coopers Photography)
(pic – Coopers Photography)
(pic – Coopers Photography)