Huge Contingency Program for Alpha Kart USA

Karters racing Alpha Karts in the United States could finance a decent percentage of their racing costs via a contingency program the company recently announced.

“This program gives competitive racers an opportunity to win serious manufacturer contingency money for on-track performances” DAMZ Inc/Alpha Kart USA stated in a press release.

The Alpha Kart Tiger 40 chassis

“Regardless of the level at which you race, if you are winning on an Alpha Kart chassis, you are also winning money.”

For national event victories, the company will pay (US dollars) from $1,250 to $3,000-to-win (depending on the event), regional races will pay from $750 to $1,250-to-win and club races will pay $250-to-win.


The organisation claims the program could pay out as much as $1,500,000 in 2018.

To be eligible, drivers must buy a new Alpha Kart Tiger 40 or Storm Evo chassis plus an Alpha team suit. “Then, win a race with a minimum of 10 drivers in the official results, post the podium photo to Facebook, and you’re winning money.”

Earlier this year, Alpha Karting was acquired by Group GTME, a French company that holds a controlling interest in SodiKart. Following the acquisition, Alpha Karting race chassis are now designed and manufactured by SodiKart.