Qualifying: Rotax Grand Finals

James Wharton has qualified fastest in the Mini MAX class at the Rotax Grand Finals!

Wharton was an incredible 0.219s faster than American Josh Pierson.

James Wharton in Portugal (pic – Coopers Photography)

Strong results were also recorded by the Australian Juniors, all inside the top ten of J-MAX, plus P5 for Troy Woolsotn (DD2 Masters) and P3 for Cody Gillis (DD2).


Results for the Australian drivers are below. More to follow…

  • Harry Arnett (Micro MAX) – P27
  • James Wharton (Mini MAX) – P1
  • Broc Feeney (Junior MAX) – P6
  • Jac Preston (Junior MAX) – P7
  • Jaiden Pope (Junior MAX) – P8
  • Cameron Longmore (Senior MAX) – P18
  • Brad Jenner (Senior MAX) – P34
  • Cody Brewczynski (Senior MAX) – P43
  • Troy Woolston (DD2 Masters) – P5
  • Scott Howard (DD2 Masters) – P14
  • Kris Walton (DD2 Masters) – P26
  • Cody Gillis (DD2) – P3
  • Josh Fife (DD2) – P37
  • Ryan Kennedy (DD2) – P49

Also, Jakob Robinson (41st, DD2) and Lachlan Robinson (57th, Junior MAX) are racing under a UAE licence.

Full results are HERE.


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